Jul 16 2012

How Will Witness 9 (GZ’s Molested Cousin) Effect TM Charges?

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Well, a bombshell dropped in the George Zimmerman trial for Murder 2 for the killing of young Trayvon Martin:

A relative of George Zimmerman claims she was molested by him when they were both children, the latest allegation in the case against the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

The interview with police, done nearly a month after the February shooting, was made public Monday after local media fought to have it released, over objections from prosecutors and the defense.

You can get all the evidence regarding Witness 9 here. Witness 9 was the anonymous caller who told police there was a sinister, hidden side to the soft-spoken, policeman-wannabe George Zimmerman. I actually don’t see much impact on the trial except to once more destroy GZ’s credibility (which is already shot to pieces). Even her claims of racism are not against GZ, but against his estranged mother. Clearly this woman has some legitimate beef with GZ, but very little is applicable to the TM case. The only connection that might be made is how well GZ can hide brutal behavior, and how little he cares about his victims (his apology to Witness 9 and her parents was a sad joke).

To be honest, not much more is needed in the case against GZ. As you sift through the evidence, more and more problems become clear. One thing I was thinking of doing was listing how GZ’s story changes over time to deal with serious flaws in his original telling. Something like this [click to enlarge]:

The data comes from this impressive analysis (not all of which I agree with BTW).  I still may do one because a few key items are missing from this table – specifically the CVSA interview which has some real damning statements from GZ. For example, at around the 28 minute mark in the interview, GZ drops this whopper on why he got out of the car (may not be 100% accurate transcription):

GZ: All the houses I was next to were the back of the houses, they are town houses so I did not know the address. They [dispatch] said we need to know what street you’re on, what address. …[GZ babbles about giving his street address]… and I got out of my car to look for a street sign so I could tell what street I was on, and … there was no street sign, and I couldn’t make out the house in front of me because there was a big pick up truck there

This is of course a lie – he saw TM run and he jumped out of his car to follow, without any prompting from the dispatcher. All the mythical interchanges with dispatch on addresses and such never happened. But the dumb part was the reason for not using an address right in front of him. It seems this ginormous pick up truck was blocking the address number of the first house (now known to be the house of Witnesses 11 and 20) at the end of the building TM ran behind. This is why GZ has to run across the top of the T to the other side of the next building over to find any house numbers.

…. yeah, right. Check out where the house numbers are:

I mean – really? A truck totally blocked this from any view? GZ had to walk over 200 feet away, crossing two sets of buildings instead, just to find a house number (instead of maybe looking at the next house to the right)? Prosecutors are going to have a field day with this BS. BTW, recall we have two witnesses who testified GZ told them he got out of the car to find TM. And GZ admitted he was chasing TM to the police dispatcher.

Of course, the fact TM ran from GZ, who then follows TM when he runs away, is proof enough this was not a self defense or stand your ground case for GZ. When one party tries to avoid the conflict (like running away) then the person who continues the confrontation is the criminal, and the other is the victim.

In this case a dead victim.

So I don’t see how Witness 9 does anything for or against GZ. His troubles are monumental already. His story is impossible on numerous levels, with witnesses and evidence poking holes into his claims. They will not need to use witness 9 in court.

But I bet some of those standing by Zimmerman now (like is Air Marshall buddy) will be rethinking which side they want to be on….


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  1. Layman says:

    To all of you who have made up your minds and refuse to consider any other possibility: Fine, we’ll see what happens at trial. If it turns out the GZ is completely 100% full of it and is guilty of Murder 2 I’ll be happy to say that I agree with the verdict.

    If it turns out the other way are you going to be able to untwist the pretzel you’ve made of yourselves? Rhetorical , no need to answer.

  2. Mata says:

    Well, BGG… he does suffer from ADHD, ya know. He can remember every detail of the prior suspicious teen at the NW corner home of RVC (where Martin entered the complex that eve), but can’t remember the name of the third street in the ‘hood, or figure out that street addresses were right across the road from where he parked.

  3. Redteam says:

    St. George? I just can’t understand why TM didn’t unfurl his wings and just fly off.

    Not one single piece of evidence that proves GZ’s guilt has been released to the public. Not one.

    Most evidence seems to indicate that GZ was justified to act in self defense.

    I think it’s quite hilarious for mata to claim GZ’s injuries were not caused by being hit into the concrete. So, it was more likely that he was having his head bashed onto the grass? LOL. just how would you hypothesize that he got those injuries on the back of his head. Maybe he has long fingernails and scratched himself?

    Some people seem to have made up their minds on this case and no amount of valid alternative explanations will ever change their minds. Even when the jury brings in a not guilty verdict, they will still argue that he wasn’t ‘innocent’ they just couldn’t ‘prove’ he was guilty. Just as in the case where Layman tried an experiment and reported on it and mata is absolutely sure it could not have turned out as Layman said it did.
    I have no faith in the justice system, as long as the Supreme Court can interpret laws as they just did in the Obamacare case, truth and honesty are only commodities to be sold to the highest bidders.

    mata: you did not explain how the cell phone got where it was, you tried bloviating, but until you can say how it got nearer BG’s apartment than where the confrontation occurred (at the T) then you have to concede that TM went ‘back’ to initiate a confrontation. This whole thing could have been prevented if TM had not had a craving for ‘lean’ and ‘blunts’ that night. Also, GZ did not report to the police that he was watching a ‘black kid in a hoodie’ he never mentioned ‘color’ until he was asked, and only then stated that he ‘looks black’. Try to stick with the truth and facts and leave your wild speculations out of it. Is there a bird chirping over your shoulder, or is that an echo?

  4. Redteam says:

    Layman, I was just watching ‘From Russia with Love” and there was a fight between 2 ladies. One was ‘mounted’ on the other that had her back flat on the ground. The one on the bottom drew her feet up, put them on the top mounted lady’s chest and kicked her up high and off of her. There you go, proves GZ didn’t have to kill TM to get him off of him. Now all I can say is, if it happened in a 007 movie it has to be possible.
    mata: jump on this, it is ‘conclusive’..

  5. Layman says:

    RT: See you on the other thread. I’m done commenting on this subject until something extraordinary happens or the trial begins
    (unless one these folks insults me and I have to respond).