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Sep 15 2009

Newsweek: We Need Those Damn Death Panels To Save Big $$$’s!

Someone needs to tell the liberals that there really is not a dire economic emergency on health care. We are not on the brink of financial ruin. Health care is expensive, but we are still buying cars, luxury toys, houses, vacations, college educations, clothes, food, etc. We are making do with the rising costs, and […]

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Sep 15 2009

Obamacare Rejected

The President clearly did not close the deal on overhauling our national health care in his speech to Congress last week: Six in 10 say Obama’s proposal, if enacted, would not achieve his goals of expanding coverage to nearly all Americans without raising taxes on the middle class or lowering the quality of health care. […]

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Sep 15 2009

America Concerned About Jobs, Stimulus Goes To Select Few

It’s the economy, stupid. A famous one-liner from James Carville that reminded the last Democrat administration that ideology is all well and good, but if the economy is not performing the voters will not tolerate or accept a bunch of ideology in place of jobs and financial security. In 1994 the last attempt by liberals […]

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Sep 15 2009

Fire Tax Cheat Rangel

In my humble opinion, Rep Rangel has abused his position in government and should be fired for corruption and breaking the laws he has been chosen to oversee. And I am not alone, including a surprising voice from within liberal DC: Rangel Suffers From a Case of Entitlement By Richard Cohen … Rangel is now the […]

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Sep 15 2009

What Is It With Glenn Beck?

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Clarification: As anyone can see in the comment sections those feathers are ruffled. The main point seems to be leave Beck alone, he exposes the demons on the left. Well, if all he did was expose foul play we would be OK. I was happy to leave him to his own devices (no matter how […]

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