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May 17 2009

A Global Warming Skeptic’s Factbook

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I am reading some interesting reports on the gathering storm of scientific facts that are destroying the liberal mythology about global warming induced by human CO2 production. Instead of posting on each I decided to just provide a series of links for people to review and have at hand to debunk the mythology. First we […]

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May 17 2009

A Surge Building In Pakistan Tribal Areas, First Attacks Begun

Updates Below This year the US and Pakistan are definitely going to make a major push against al Qaeda and the Taliban. I have been wondering why al Qaeda had been slowly moving people from its sanctuary in Pakistan to Somalia (a dangerous migration since movement can be detected). It seems a new effort to […]

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May 17 2009

Crist To Save GOP

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Well, game on it seems in for the heart and soul of the conservative movement and GOP party. We have a choice on whether there should be a centrist, sane and effective opposition to the liberal Democratic policies in DC that are destroying our country’s economic system. A centrist coalition which can support our President […]

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