May 17 2009

A Global Warming Skeptic’s Factbook

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I am reading some interesting reports on the gathering storm of scientific facts that are destroying the liberal mythology about global warming induced by human CO2 production. Instead of posting on each I decided to just provide a series of links for people to review and have at hand to debunk the mythology.

First we have Anthony Watt’s long awaited assessment on the source of the global warming data, which is hundreds of temperature sensors across the country, 90% of which fail the standards set down by the Federal Government defining a valid temperature source.

Second, an integrated report of key briefings and conclusions presented recently in New York (and elsewhere) outlining major flaws in the global warming theory has been compiled at the Science and Public Policy Institute. It is a powerful compendium of data showing that CO2 levels have no tie to global temperatures, and that both (temp and CO2 levels) or not behaving as the IPCC models predicted, which means the models are flawed (not that reality is flawed). Models are not fact, they are mathematical theories which, when they fail to match reality, are not even theories any more (just examples of what is clearly not reality). If you need facts to beat down the fantasies, this has a ton of them.

And finally there is a critical scientific report from a NASA scientist (now freed to express his skepticism) which demonstrates that the idea CO2 could trap infrared radiation in the atmosphere and change the global climate is mathematically false because the laws of physics (not the theories of physics) don’t work the way the IPCC and liberals think they do. Proving scientifically that the global warming canard is not physically possible. You can read a summary of the report here.

It is amazing how much information is now piling up to disprove the Chicken Little claims of the liberal scientific wannabes. The ice caps are not shrinking, the oceans are not warming, and the models still spew out endless errors. Now the only question is how long will it take reality to impinge on the public’s psyche.

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  1. Neo says:

    The science is settled …..

    ScienceDaily (May 14, 2009) — The familiar model of Atlantic ocean currents that shows a discrete “conveyor belt” of deep, cold water flowing southward from the Labrador Sea is probably all wet.
    New research led by Duke University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution relied on an armada of sophisticated floats to show that much of this water, originating in the sea between Newfoundland and Greenland, is diverted generally eastward by the time it flows as far south as Massachusetts. From there it disburses to the depths in complex ways that are difficult to follow.
    A 50-year-old model of ocean currents had shown this southbound subsurface flow of cold water forming a continuous loop with the familiar northbound flow of warm water on the surface, called the Gulf Stream.
    “Everybody always thought this deep flow operated like a conveyor belt, but what we are saying is that concept doesn’t hold anymore,” said Duke oceanographer Susan Lozier. “So it’s going to be more difficult to measure these climate change signals in the deep ocean.”
    And since cold Labrador seawater is thought to influence and perhaps moderate human-caused climate change, this finding may affect the work of global warming forecasters.

  2. Frogg says:

    I don’t think global warming alarmists (like Al Gore) will ever relent on this issue because it isn’t really about global warming anyway.

  3. GuyFawkes says:


    The moment that you stop pretending that the scientific consensus is *against* the idea of global warming/climate change, or that only “liberals” believe it in, I will take you seriously on this topic.

    Cherry-picking articles that agree with you, while ignoring the mountainous volumes of data that disagree with you, is cheap and dishonest.

  4. Neo says:

    The last international “consensus” held that Iraq had stockpiles of WMD and that turned out to be wrong.

  5. macrotrader says:

    AJ I am a solid conservative on most issues and on global warming I find the skeptics’ argument more compelling. However I am not totally sold, and uncomfortable about several points. Here are two:

    –I watched a BBC special while in France last week, highlighting the thinning polar ice caps. They showed (convincingly) that the ice is definitely diminishing and is becoming much more fragile than it has been in the past.

    –There also seems to be strong evidence that CO2 levels are rising, and it seems reasonable that this could affect the environment.

    To me this is not about politics, though sadly it has become so. If you’re liberal the planet is melting; if you’re conservative it is returning to the ice age. I am conservative but still worried about the planet.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Your BBC source is way behind the data. CO2 levels are rising, global temperatures are flat or falling for 10 years straight now (not rising as predicted by the CO2 models). In addition, south pole ice is at a 3 decade record high – and growing. And the North pole ice had thinned one year (2007). This year it is thicker and larger.

    The fact proponents ignore the real data and keep pointing to the erroneous models should tell you something about who is politicking (spinning) and who is looking at the actual science.

    Check out the links – they are all scientific studies and they all point to no Global Warming from CO2 levels. All of them.

  7. macrotrader says:

    Thanks AJ I will.

  8. jebraun says:

    Macrotrader, here is a link to an Australian article that discusses a study they did showing while Antarctic ice is a concern on the Western shelf, the growing, thickening ice (and cooling temperatures) on the east coast are going unreported. The east coast, by the way, 4 times the size of the west coast.,27574,25348657-401,00.html

  9. Neo says:

    add this to your bookmarks … Artic Sea Ice Extent
    Note the Red 2009 line in the graph

  10. AJStrata says:


    As I understand it the east coast thinning ice is due to all the active volcanos that are actually the cause, not CO2. Right?


  11. macrotrader says:

    Thanks all, very interesting. It’s amazing how level-headed and one-sided the Beeb is on the subject. In fact I was struck yet again how one-sided European television is on all political matters, endless stories of suffering in Africa, global warming, social injustice. Very frustrating.