May 17 2009

Crist To Save GOP

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Well, game on it seems in for the heart and soul of the conservative movement and GOP party. We have a choice on whether there should be a centrist, sane and effective opposition to the liberal Democratic policies in DC that are destroying our country’s economic system. A centrist coalition which can support our President when he makes good decisions, as he has done on Iraq, Afghanisatan and FISA, and hopefully as he will do in the end with GITMO and the terrorists detainees. A centrist and sane opposition that can win seats and influence the decisions of the day.

Not some right wing drama queen show where mad conspiracy theories fly about memos from DHS, or forged birth certificates, or  the second coming of the Nazi Hitler youth. Instead of some effective opposition we could chose the impotent ravings of those who had power and muffed it, and are still muffing it.

It seems the far right is now calling on all wingers to boycott the Senate run of Governor Crist in Florida.

You may remember my reaction when the “treacherous bastards” at the National Republican Senatorial Committee endorsed Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race — 15 months before the primary!

As a treacherous bastard supporter I say “Amen Brother!” These people are going to grab their marbles and sit home in a snit. That leaves a window of opportunity for all those conservative leaning centrists (from the blue dogs rightward) to support Crist and have him represent the new GOP.

We have the Old and Busted GOP of the far right, but we can now create the New GOP, far from the right wing fevered swamps. Especially if the denizens of the swamps wish to hide out there in their echo chambers, ranting as the world passes them by. One side has to be the Phoenix, and one side the ashes. Will see whether fringe can survive over the center in a democracy. Mathematically it is just not possible.

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  1. Tony82 says:

    Come on, AJ. Crist is the candidate of the elite establishment. Rubio is the candidate of the grassroots… the Palin-loving, teaparty-attending mainstream conservative grassroots.

    I don’t know why in the world you think Rubio comes from some conspiracy-mongering fever swamp fringe.

    Most importantly, Crist supported Obama’s abominable “stimulus” package. Don’t you think that would dilute our message? Don’t you think that would weaken Crist’s credibility just a wee bit when making the case that Obama and the Dems are “destroying our country’s economic system”?

    AJ, you have eloquently written in the past several months about how reckless and irresponsible Obama’s massive deficit spending is. I dont’ see how you can promote someone who supported that as an effective opposition leader.

    Secondly, Crist is breaking a no-tax-hike pledge he made. The GOP badly needs credible and honest messengers. Regardless of where you fall on the ideological spectrum, I don’t see how a politician who breaks promises can be trusted and promoted… especially in 2010, where anti-Washington, anti-establishment, and anti-incumbent sentiments will be very strong.

    Rubio will be the perfect injection of fresh, young blood that the GOP badly needs. He is young, telegenic, and likeable. Most importantly, he is an effective and credible messenger for freedom and limited government.

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  3. Terrye says:


    I don’t know about that. Crist has a 71% approval rating among Republicans, unlike Specter. He just might be the best the GOP can do in Florida right now.


    I think Crist will probably win this, but remember, he is also a global warming believer and he was more than happy to take that stimulus money from Obama.

  4. WGIRL says:


    I am totally with you !!

    Crist is a joke !! He is an ambitious political climber who sways like a willow tree !! He ran to Palm Beach when Bush showed up in Tallahassee to campaign for him. To the surprise of everyone, he endorsed McCain right before the primaries when it appeared McCain would win the state. He showed up with a “girl friend” at a BBQ, hosted by McCain, for VP hopefuls when rumors start circulating he might be gay. He did every talk show, campaigning for McCain, and broke out with a silly grin whenever asked if he would be McCain’s VP.

    Crist is a clueless wonder in FL. He is really cut out for Mr Chamber of Commerce not governor !! His biggest accomplishments include showing up for the SuperBowl and the World Series !! He has been riding Jeb Bush’s coattails ever since he got elected. The only thing I give him credit for is knowing enough to get out of town before Florida gets hit with another hurricane !! I would love to see his popularity hit rock bottom when those same Floridians, who think he is so great, find out they are holding the bag for disaster recovery not the insurance companies that Crist was glad to see leave the state !!

    His embrace of Obama for stimulus money is only surpassed by his shameless love of gambling money from the Indian casino to which he sold his soul to a long time ago !!

    If AJ thinks Crist is our best bet for a “Centrist” Republican Party then it is a Republican Party I don’t want any part of !! I didn’t vote Crist for Governor and I certainly won’t vote him for the Senate.

    I don’t buy into the Democrat crap that the Republican Party has lost it’s way !! Our only problem is we have NO LEADERS just a bunch of willow tree swayers !!

    I prove my point with Cheney’s example over the past few weeks. Now, Cheney is a MAN OF PRINCIPAL !! He stood up to Obama and the Democrats and look at what he accomplished …

    Nancy Pelosi is shuffling her notes to remind the media of her latest 5.0 version on her CIA intel meetings. Panetta called her a liar with Obama’s consent !! Obama has backed off “photos” and “military commissions” !! And the Democrats are rethinking their strategy to make the Republicans extinct with their investigations over torture !!

    Give me Cheney any day of the week !! And, I will leave Crist to be outed as a “gay” by the Democrats after he wins the Florida primary because some think he is our best hope to win in 2010 !!

    You know, I respect your opinion AJ !! But you are totally wrong on the GOP and Charlie Crist for the Senate !!

  5. owl says:

    He may have 71%………dunno. I have heard this week from family in FL and they do not like him. They vote Pug but do not belong to far right. They say bad for state. I have been disappointed in him also.

    Same thing I heard about Perry from other family in Austin.

  6. Frogg says:

    Crist shares so many views with the far left it is hard for me to think of him as a moderate. Besides big government, taxes, cap and trade, etc; he even appointed a state judge, calling him pro life, even though the judge nominee couldn’t name a single restriction he would place on abortions in Florida.

    I really like Rubio. I’ve listened to some of his speeches on youtube and read several articles. His story is impressive. He has hints of being trully inspiring. It would also be beneficial in a reachout to the Latino population. I hope there is a grass roots effort to support him.

  7. Frogg says:

    Speaking about moderates…..

    China pick sidelines GOP moderate

    the article basically says that Obama is putting Gov Huntsman (as a moderate) in a cage so that he won’t be a force to recon with in 2012 (Huntsman was thinking of Rep Presidential run).

    I don’t know, though….

    Why couldn’t Huntsman take this job….get great international credentials, and then resign in time to make a run? How could Obama criticize him? Seems to me this could go both ways.

  8. WGIRL says:

    Besides Rubio, let me remind everyone of another young, bright conservative with great credentials from Florida….ADAM PUTNAM !!

    Putnam is a US Representative who is coming home from the TOXIC atmosphere in Wash DC to run as our Agricultural Secretary. He would make a perfect candidate for Gov or Senate, but he does not seem to want either position. I personally believe, he like other conservative who are retiring from Congress, are just sick of a corrupt system that no longer works for the people !!

    In my opinion, we need to rid the system of these corrupt career politicians who have sold their souls and no longer represent the people. The biggest crime they commit is to discourage our young, brightest and best for leadership in the future !!

  9. Terrye says:

    I like Rubio just fine, but we have to remember that a lot of people who vote Republican are moderate. Conservatives can swear they do not belong in the party, but apparently they have not got the memo. Who knows, maybe they think it is the other way around.

    My point is that in the state of Florida Crist will be hard to beat. He is far more popular among Republicans there than Specter was in PA.

    People can complain about the guy, but the truth is Republicans need to try and win at least one House back. Even if some of the Republicans are not as conservative as conservatives like, the more Republicans there are the more power the over all body has. Right now Obama can run right over them. If they had a majority, they could decide what gets voted on and actually run committees again. Numbers matter in the Congress.

  10. Terrye says:


    Huntsman was a missionary in Taiwan, he has some history there. I was surprised at the move, but ambassadors are not that political, they are representatives of their country, but they don’t set policy. So it could be that it gives him some credentials without asking a lot of him.

  11. Terrye says:


    Some people just do not like politicians, no matter who they are.

    But Crist does have a high approval rating in Florida, both among Republicans and the rest of the people as well.

    Too bad Rubio could not be Governor and then Senator.

  12. Terrye says:

    Here in Indiana Mitch Daniels got the most votes in November of anyone any time ever running for any office. He is a Republican as well. There has been some talk of him running for higher office as well.

    But I am sure that there are people in Indiana who would say Ditch Mitch to that as well.

  13. AJStrata says:


    I would not vote for Crist, he is too far left for me. But the bigger picture is what I posted about. The centrists are not going to ally with the far right, not after the far right kicked them to the curb.

    They are the silent ‘majority’ because which ever way they swing, they create the governing majority.

    While it is not the path I would like, it will dilute the far right, so the party can pull back from the brink of oblivion