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Jul 31 2006

Journalists Playing 007

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Journalists can be such ignoramouses. Check out this hyperventilating piece about a ground station in New Zealand, which one writer attempts to understand in the most hillarious ways. In fact, some of this is a direct rip-off of Wikipedia’s entry on the site. My favorite line is this one: Its two satellite interception dishes (shielded […]

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Jul 31 2006

More Staged Photo’s From AP-Reuters-Qana

Graphic Warning – Pictures of Carnage When are we as a nation going to take the media to task for publishing staged propaganda as if it was news. Check out this AP photo at Yahoo of a picture of a young girl laying ‘in the rubble’ of a mosque. Clearly there is no dirt or […]

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Jul 31 2006

Qana Staged?

Folks on the internet (welcome to the brave new world) and fair and balanced news organizations have been working to understand the Qana quandry. The attacks happened between 12 and 1 AM, and people evacuate. Then some ‘poor’ people take shelter and the building collapses. But as bodies are pulled from the ‘rubble’ pictures show […]

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