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Jul 16 2006

Iranians In Lebanon Warring With Israel

Seems the Iranian President was not kidding when he said he would attack Israel if the West messed with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Israeli officials charged that elite Iranian troops operating in Lebanon were involved in the Hezbollah offensive, and were responsible for firing an Iranian-made, radar-guided C802 missile – not the unmanned bomb-laden drone originally […]

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Jul 16 2006

Listen To Mark Steyn

I have grown up around DC and all its talking heads and Deans of this and Deans of that, and right now these people are completely useless in understanding what is happening in the Middle East. I was watching Charlayne Hunter-Gault on CNN discuss the role South Africa could play in stopping the fighting in […]

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Jul 16 2006

Fly By 07/16/06

I have not posted a Fly By post of interesting articles in quite some time. But today’s news is not all that eye catching to post extensive comments on. So let’s go with a Fly By of interesting stories out there India has put it’s peace talks with Pakistan on hold as it also claims […]

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