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Jul 06 2006

Many See Phantom Shift By Bush

I am seeing a lot of sightings of a supposed Bush shift on the immigration issue which seems to mirages (in my humble opinon). The first sighting of this phantom shift came from a link on Drudge: President George W. Bush is adopting a tougher line in the contentious debate on overhauling US immigration laws, […]

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Jul 06 2006

NY Times Torpedoes Terrorist Investigation

Update: I want to focus in on this section of the article below and see if we can connect some dots as to who would possibly be the NY Times (favorite source): To that end, the Justice Department has quietly and unofficially begun looking into possible sources for the leak. “We don’t think it’s someone […]

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Jul 06 2006

The Death Knell Of Embryonic Stem Cell Snake Oil

For those who have not read my posts on the Embryonic Stem Cell fraud that has been perpetrated on this country and on millions of afflicted people around the world let me establish my limited credentials. I have a BS in biology and one of the areas I considered pursuing in my life was genetic […]

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Jul 06 2006

Beware 20/20 Hindsight

Most anyone who has tried to predict election cycles, or who will be in the World Series or the World Cup, what the next set of offensive plays will be in an NFL game, or what the next month at work will be like understand the difference between attempting to predict and prepare for something […]

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