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Feb 11 2006

Terrorists Or Science Fiction

Want to know why the left is losing the debate on NSA? Bush is fighting terrorists who are trying to attack us and the left is fighting a science fiction book. Nuff said.

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Feb 11 2006

Grand Jury On NSA Leak?

UPDATE: Check out Clarice Feldman’s take on this topic here. END UPDATE Apparently there is a good chance a Grand Jury will be impaneled to investigate the leaks emanating from the NSA leak in the NY Times – according to the NY Times (Hat Tip Ace of Spades). Federal agents have interviewed officials at several […]

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Feb 11 2006

Coulter’s Reprehensible Comment

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Yes, I was at CPAC when Ann Coulter made her pathetic comments about “ragheads”. Ann Coulter has destroyed herself. The comment was not well received at CPAC and rightfully so. I am a conservative indepedent so Ann’s pathetic need of attention went over the line. I was reading a leftwing post about Bush’s ‘wetback’ AG […]

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Feb 11 2006

American Terrorist On The Loose, Could He Phone Home?

If you want to contemplate how FISA may not work just use the example of the 20 terrorists who escaped from a Yemeni prison recently: An American wanted for allegedly training with the “Lackawanna Six” at an al-Qaida camp was among the 23 men who tunneled out of a Yemeni prison last week, the FBI […]

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Feb 11 2006

Protect America, Not Terrorists’ Rights

The Democrats have worked themselves into a really bad position. In their mindless lust to attack George Bush they have begun to attack the powers of the Office of President. The NSA issue is a case in point. As I pointed out before, the NSA is not doing anything different in terms of monitoring the […]

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