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Feb 06 2006

2006 Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today on my way to an afternoon meeting and he kept going on and on about the ‘Terrorist Bill of Rights’, which I thought was exactly what the Democrats seem to represent these days. So, in a blatant rip-off of Rush’s excellent analogy, and another rip-off from the 1994 […]

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Feb 06 2006

Gonzales: Congress & Adminstration Works Best Together

Another challenge to the Democrats: The Executive Branch is willing to work with Congress since the founders established clear roles for both entities – but each needs to respect the others bounds. And the Executive Branch is working under Congressional Authority (AUMF). So Dems are being offered the chance to work together. Gotcha.

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Feb 06 2006

Kyl Calls Dems Bluff

It seems the Reps have smelled blood with the hesitation of the Dems to attack the program and simply call to make sure it works as advertised. Biden wondered why the NSA was NOT monitoring Al Qaeda domestic calls in the US (confirming for all but the truly brain dead this is not a domestic […]

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Feb 06 2006

Biden Bust

I am not going to live blog the hearings, but Biden stepped into it big time. He asked ‘when will the war be over’ and then added ‘we will have no idea when it is over, so we don’t know when we will no longer need the suveillance’. Gonzales offered up in his response that […]

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Feb 06 2006

Leahy’s Weird FTN Comments

Sen. Patrick Leahy made a very strange comment at the end of a segment of Face The Nation yesterday – he basically claimed Bush knew the names of the highjackers before 9-11 and he wanted to get things right this time (paraphrasing). Michelle has the actual words and some commentary on this strange action by […]

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Feb 06 2006

Calm Will Not Come To Cartoonland

Calls for calm by the radical islamists will not do anything. This is clearly a staged event with prepositioned props and manufactured evidence (the extra cartoons defiling the prophet Mohamed created by the Danish Imams). Michelle Malkin highlights the recent stged outrage, mimicking the weeks of rampage seen in France, but now on a global […]

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Feb 06 2006

Houston, We Have A Problem

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Since I am facing a solid week of meetings it is the perfect time for my workhorse portable computer to give up the ghost. Arghh.. I should be able to post at a reduced level – we shall see. But if I am late getting comments authorized, etc that is why. Have a good week!

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