Feb 11 2006

Coulter’s Reprehensible Comment

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Yes, I was at CPAC when Ann Coulter made her pathetic comments about “ragheads”. Ann Coulter has destroyed herself.

The comment was not well received at CPAC and rightfully so. I am a conservative indepedent so Ann’s pathetic need of attention went over the line. I was reading a leftwing post about Bush’s ‘wetback’ AG and all I could think about was how un-American that comment was. Ann has forced me to distance myself from her. She is just anothered failed conservative who will spend many, many years trying to regain a fraction of the respect she once had. I cannot help it when people do terrible things. I can only point out they are wrong and should never be repeated. You can have sympathy for Ann for what she just sacrificed in the name of poor humor, but we cannot ignore it.

At CPAC there were lots of booths representing Muslim conservative and pro American Muslims. Ann spit in their face and drove off. To those who were insulted at here stupid comment, let me stand up and say she did not speak for me and my apologies to you for having to deal with it. You blew it Ann. Apologize and just be quiet for a while.

This post at Wonkette Wizbang (I cannot believe I did that – must get more sleep!) sums it up nicely.


Michelle is beginning a list of conservative bloggers commenting on this matter. Michelle, please consider adding my name to the list.

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  1. Snapple says:

    That was really wrong and counterproductive.

    Aren’t we in Iraq to help Muslims build a democracy?

    Plenty of Arabs do not like the terrorists.

  2. Taleena says:

    Wizbang post, not Wonkette. Thanks for the link.

  3. luc says:

    AJ, I enjoy reading your blog since I discovered it a few months back and I read your comments every day. So I hope you will not be offended if I say that I find the feeling of your comments about A. Coulter a little bit strong when compared to the comments you usually make. Please do not misunderstand: In no way do I condone her comments! I just found your reaction a bit strong, it is as if she had betrayed you…. Have a nice day and I hope a not too unpleasant storm 🙂

  4. AJStrata says:

    Did I type Wonkette verses Wizbang??

    OMG I did!

    My sincere apologies to Wizbang!

  5. MaidMarion says:

    Ann Coulter is a smart gal but her humor and constant attack mode wears thin quickly. It’s why Laura Ingraham will still be on the political talk scene for many years to come.

  6. BurbankErnie says:

    What is worse, if I call a Terrorist an Islamofascist, or Raghead?
    Now if I call a Terrorist an Islamofascist, am I now labeling all Muslims as Fascists, or Terrorists, or just the Terrorist?
    As far as radical Islam is concerned, I am not offended by any term you want to label tht particular group, including Raghead. Does not offend me at all.

    But then again, I am a Michael Savage fan, so what do I knw about being PC? I will leave that up to the offended. And the Bloggers who have to watch what they say.

    Borders… Language… Culture…

  7. MerryJ1 says:

    As much as I usually love Ann Coulter’s sarcastic humor style (ok, consider the source — I’ve had a framed, stained-glass sign with the word “BITCH” hanging over my work area, where ever that’s been, for about thirty years), I don’t like so-called “jokes” which denigrate or stereotype entire groups.

    I’d agree this one, as quoted, was over the edge. I hope she’ll do a ‘mea culpa, sorry,’ and move on. She has too much going for her to just self-destruct over what was probably an ill-thought-out gag line.

  8. AJStrata says:

    Those who have trouble with maintaining control regarding hateful labels are free to read elsewhere. Fumbles has joined the rare list of people I have deleted a comment for. This is my site. You can be against terrorism without jumping into the gutter.

    Only fools would fall into Al Qaeda’s trap and anger those Muslims on the sidelines or those considering our form of democratic government with words like ‘raghead’. We are trying to kill off Al Qaesa – not recruit for them.

  9. BurbankErnie says:

    Aj, I will agree to disagree with you. If and When Jill Carroll gets her head sawed off, will we again worry about the Arab Street, and pissing off Muslims on the sidelines if we call for the denouncement of Radical Islamists?
    We are slowly capitulating and bowing to the extreme faction of Islam. Look at what is going on in the World, and you are seeing the beginning of Dhimmitude. I refuse to consider the “feelings” of Muslims while they riot, kill, murder, and spread hatred for everrything I stand for.
    I like your site, I agree with a lot of what you have to say, but I vehemently disagree with you on this issue. If Ann Coulter wants to label Radical Muslim Terrorist Islamofascists as Ragheads, that seems pretty tame to me. I can think of worse.

    I hear the Dem Party say worse things about our Presient. On TV, in the Newspapers, in Magazines, and on the Internet. Jews are the Devil, Satan, and worse, Yet we worry about the term Raghead.

  10. AJStrata says:


    I should have been clear, that comment was not directed to you. Yes, we can disagree. I want the terrorists destroyed and I want the help of Muslims ready to join the 21 century and embrace democratic freedoms.

    People who attack this approach are only defending their emotions – not America.

    I do not see you in that mold.


  11. Snapple says:


    “People who attack this approach are only defending their emotions – not America.”

    That is an excellent way of putting it, AJ. Words are weapons, and we don’t want to shoot off our mouths just to feel better; we may hurt people we need on our side.

    This is one of the problems on Free Republic–gratuitous namecalling.

  12. wickedpinto says:

    I gave up on Anne when she called bucchanan “our greatest debater” debator, whever the spelling is.

    When Anne acknowledge Pat as a superior anything? I gave up on her.

  13. HaroldHutchison says:

    I posted on that as well on my blog, as well. That said, I would rather not be listed on Michelle Malkin’s list.

  14. Two tokes over the line

    Ann Coulter is one of conservatism’s loudest voices. And unfortunately, she’s used it last Friday to behave like an ass (as in Democrat) while speaking at CPAC. I’m outraged with Lefty nuts make comments like that about President Bush. And I’m just…

  15. pbsssmith says:


    I suppose you would have begrudged the millions of Americans who used the terms “Jap” and “Kraut” during WWII. Are we not at war with these people who want to kill us? Don’t give me the silly distinction that we are at war with only a small fraction of the Muslim world (the militant fraction). The same could have been said of the Japanese and German cultures. The so-called innocent majority needs to rise up and re-claim their culture before it’s destroyed. Otherwise they are collaborators with the terrorists.

    Ann Coulter understands that we are at war with everybody who cheered on 9/11. She is perfectly entitled to use the term “ragheads” for these hateful people. Why don’t you focus your criticism on our real enemies and their useful idiots like Al Gore?

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