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Nov 12 2005

Rome + Forgeries = Valerie Plame?

The Plame Game has been bursting with new information and new players (as well as the Able Danger Story) so keeping in straight can be difficult. Sometime you just have to reread things to see dots that need connecting. Recently Tom Maguire noted Nick Kristof’s (accidental?) disclosure that Valeries was CAI station chief in Rome […]

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Nov 12 2005

Plame Strange – Q&A

The final portion of this three part post is the Q&A session for the EPIC Forum on Iraq held in June 2003. The Q&A session was for Ray McGovern and Joe Wilson and their discussions I posted in previously. Below I post the essence of the question and the essence of the response if germane […]

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Nov 12 2005

Plame Strange – Wilson

This is the second in a series of posts on the the

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Nov 12 2005

Plame Strange – McGovern

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I had to listen to Ray McGovern and Wilson at the EPIC convention in June 2003 to get some idea of what the media and democrats would be setting themselves up for. It appears Ray McGovern is another Cindy Sheehan. McGovern starts out talking about how our Flag needs to be ‘washed’ to remove ‘stains’ […]

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Nov 12 2005

The Whole Plame Thing

Time for a major Plame update and some synthesizing of revelations from sources far and wide. I want to start out with Tom Maguire’s recent post on Andrea Mitchell’s equivocations. While it may seem somewhat pathetic, it also may not bode well for someone. I have never learned whether Mitchell testified to Fitzgerald, but I […]

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Nov 12 2005

Fly By 11/12/05

For those who want a concise update on the Able Danger story and Curt Weldon’s recent press conference the Norris Town Times Herald has a great article here. Our blow-by-blow post is here. The big news is the new name Bob Johnson who worked on a parallel data mining effort at the time called the […]

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