Nov 12 2005

Plame Strange – Wilson

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This is the second in a series of posts on the the – right after the NY Times and Washington Post exposes on Wilson travels and just before Wison’s debut in July of 2003. This post is on the Wilson talk (40 minutes). The first was on Ray McGovern’s talk.

Wilson starts of with that faux liberal ‘connecting’ with African Americans because he worked so long in Africa. He talks about going to the south to talk to African Americans as if the folks in Atlanta or Memphis are different from those in his now hometown of DC. What a putz. Best line talking about the people of Africa ” most of whom are fathers or mothers or children…” – and what were the others???

Starts with the comments about ‘that retired American Ambassador” stuff that is all over the web. Of course he predicted the fall of Blair (and hints at our pending failure in Iraq with American casualty numbers growing).

Refers to his pre-war interviews focusing on policing of Saddam. He was obviously a naive believer in trusting Saddam to behave. Wilson called our action ‘invasion conquest and occupation war’ – and claims it was not right. I suggest he try that speech in Iraq someday!

Talks about four reasons for going into Iraq: WMD (handled by 1441 and inspection process), terrorism (then he equates our attack of Iraq with terrorist bombing of 9-11 – disgusting to compare our GPS guided bombs to commercial airliners filled with passengers), transfer of WMD from rogue nations to terrorists (naively believed Saddam would only play with terrorists as a last resort – relying on logic from madman Hussein!), Liberation of Iraqi people.

He is predicting the Arab street will feel the same way about our efforts in Iraq as we did with 9-11. Naive and wrong – again. He claimed back then we created a generation of American hating Arabs. Too bad he did not predict the Jordan bombing reaction.

He calls the people who had no patience to trust Saddam ‘assholes’ and warmongers. Well, one can call people who trust Saddam to behave with the lives of their children after decades of lies, violence, war and brutality a lot of things as well! ‘Intelligent’ would not be one word that comes to mind.

It is funny listening to this 2 years later. Wilson points to the lack of instant results and broad native support as proof the Iraq action was wrong, and says it was ridiculous to expect instant results! Of course, that would be more projection from the left. And now that we have it through the massive elections – wonder what excuse he has today?

Bush and company should replay and focus on the predictions being made at this stage to illustrate how wrong the left was then, and why it would be wise to ignore them now. They have a perfect record of being wrong.

Geez, the guy really is anti-Israel. He is all upset about the idea that if the mindless anti-Israeli stance of the major Arab nations was changed, then Israel could deal better with the Palestinian issue. This logic bothers Wilson! He sees evil in this path. As opposed to what? Appeasement? The only step to appease the Palestinian terrorists is the destruction of Israel. And he sites proof of his theory in the response of Hamas and others to the peace process!

OK, Wilson’s worse case (best for liberals) prediction for how the world would look in the summer of 2004 (a year from the time of this forum):

(1) 120 degrees in Baghdad (he gets one easy prediction)

(2) Southern Iraq will be under Shia control (wow, another stunningly obvious prediction)

(3) Shia clergy will underpin the power in this community, and they will be the most zealous (I think he was imagining Sadr verses Sistani).

(4) Therefore the rights of women will be abridged (wrong).

(5) The Shia will be aligned and partnered with the Iranians (Wilson obviously doesn’t realize Iranians are Persians and Iraqis are Arab) and armed by them

(6) The Sunni will have regrouped and be re-employing Baathist tactics and personal and running the insurgency. Partially right again. He expected the Shia to be in the mood for recrimination

(7) He predicts 20 dead US soldiers a day (wrong)

(8) Kurdish independence efforts will fray US and Turkish relationships. Seer Joe envisions the Kurds “squabbling amongst themselves as they always do” (what a slam at the Kurds!). The Kurds will be seen as difficult partners and in 2004 we will be stepping away from the Kurds (see why these folks had no way to deal with Saddam – they had no faith in good people). ‘Kurdish huggers’ will call this the 3rd great betrayal of the Kurds and there is no doubt it will happen.

(9) All three groups will want only one thing – the US out. Again, Seer Joe is only consistent in how badly he predicted how things would go. Their selfishness will push them to drive us out of their way,

(10) The pressure in the US will begin to build because Ariel Sharon will have so mistreated the Palestinians by this time that Palestinians will be going to Jordan en masse or all out daily bloodshed with Israeli gunships firing away.

(11) This will be what faces Bush as he goes into the 2004 elections! (what a liberal wet dream! – and notice all the death and destruction they expect/hope will transpire so they can be right!).

(12) Bush will find it impossible to run as Commander-in-Chief, the economy will be very weak, unemployment up near 7%, $500-600 billion dollar deficits and people will be unhappy.

(13) So what will Bush do? Start another war (of course).

(14) Further, Bush will have to cut and run from Iraq and Israel. We will declare Sharon is waging a war on terrorism – as if they are not!

(15) Wilson predicts some ‘secret plan’ will arise that allows us to cut and run from Iraq and let the Iraqis sink into civil war.

Talk about your Chicken Little stories! Well, it would make sense if a democrat was in office. But obviously people of truth and dedication like Bush are foreign to the rabid left – especially Joe Wilson.

Here is Wilson’s plan to avoid the unavoidable:

(1) Get handle on security in Iraq (another duh! comment – and then he compares the US image in Iraq to Andre Aggasi. I kid you not).

(2) Flood Iraq with humanity assistance (another duh! moment)

(3) Internationalize to spread risk (failed idea because Iraqis remember what the UN and French did with Saddam by trying to keep Saddam in power).

(4) 3 agendas: reconstitute military, economy and political framework (another duh! moment)

Well, it is good to see Wilson agreed with what Bush accomplished – so he cannot claim it was done the wrong way! Wilson admitted he did not know how to achieve the political framework. So now, after watching how Bush and Co. did do it maybe he can also admit he learned something he did not know before hand.

He ends on the democratization of Iraq and his silly English lawn analogy. The most interesting thing I see here is the predictions and how wrong they were. This is the image of the future which drove these people. And now that their vision was proven wrong and Bush’s right – we need to remind America of the fallacies on the left.

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