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Feb 26 2007

Libby Trial Loses One Juror

It seems the jury on the Libby trial has lost one of its most independent members. On Valentine’s Day the jury came in and displayed a strange message to the court by all wearing red shirts and wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day – with one notable exception. That same juror who defied the strange […]

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Feb 21 2007

Closing Arguments: Defense

After analyzing the prosecution’s closing arguments I can see a myriad of ways to enter reasonable alternatives (no need to prove any of them, innocent until proven guilty) and all fo them are of equal potential to the prosecution’s unproven speculation. Someone should go back and count the times the prosecution used the word ‘suggest’ […]

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Feb 21 2007

Closing Arguments: Prosecution

I am going to try and separate my analysis of the closing arguments into two or three posts, each covering the prosecution and defense arguments as relayed (translated?) via the leftwing site Firedig Lake, which has been doing everyone a great service in their dogged (no pun intended) coverage of the Libby trial. I will […]

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Feb 19 2007

Possible Libby Closing Argument

bumping to the top for Tuesday’s finaleAs we await the actual closing arguments on Tuesday, it is worth speculating on how Team Libby will argue that Fitzgerald did not make his case. So here is my layman’s suggestion on how to argue this point. [Note: I am actually blogging from the backseat of our car, […]

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Feb 14 2007

Fred Thompson Blasts Fitz-Magoo

Special [needs] Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is going to be regretting the day he decided to try and build a famous career out of the nothingness of the Plame Game. Here is Fred Thompson, a very respected moderate Republican lawyer (and actor), voicing the obvious about Fitz-Magoo’s personal opportunism: Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., criticized Special […]

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Feb 12 2007

Fitzgerald’s Disaster: Wilson Outed Plame

Listening to the full Woodward tape of Under Secretary of State Richard Armitage leaking the news about Plame must be giving Fitzgerald nightmares. CNN has posted the full tape played at the trial and it is astounding. The part that got me was when Armitage said “His wife named him”, and Woodward asks, “Why doesn’t […]

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Feb 12 2007

Abandon The Plamegate Ship!

major updates below Bob Woodward just delivered a bombshell regarding the period when Joe Wilson was talking to every reporter out there, and was literally bragging in public he was the mysterious ex-ambassador – because when reporters in DC know who you are, it takes less than a day to track down your spouse! Fitzgerald: […]

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Feb 12 2007

Fitz’s Folly X

Addendum: Now we have Glenn Kessler who was on the phone with Libby regarding Wilson and no mention of Plame. Evan Thomas up as well today, no mention of Plame. So, we have Miller as a maybe Libby mentioned Plame, Cooper saying Cooper brought it up, Russert a “no”, as are Woodward, Novak, Walter Pincus, […]

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Feb 12 2007

Fitz’s Folly IX: Obstruction Count Almost Dismissed

Fitzgerald’s case is hanging by a thread before defense even begins. Clearly what happened late ast week is the judge decided to dismiss a key portion of the obstruction charge, putting the entire indictment on this count at risk. From the liberal Firedog Lake site we can see the concern about losing the Miller angle: […]

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Feb 12 2007

The Peacock And The Spies

The Libby trial is about to explode into new and fascinating territory this week as we finally get to see the Libby defence team shred Fitzgerald’s already tissue thin case. I am suspect of the idea Russert and NBC screwed themselves up by denying they had any former knowledge of Plame before Novak’s column, but […]

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