Feb 12 2007

Abandon The Plamegate Ship!

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major updates below

Bob Woodward just delivered a bombshell regarding the period when Joe Wilson was talking to every reporter out there, and was literally bragging in public he was the mysterious ex-ambassador – because when reporters in DC know who you are, it takes less than a day to track down your spouse!

Fitzgerald: When you were first interviewed, appeared in Lawyers office? Because member of media?

B[ob[W[oowdward]: Not sure the reason, you and your lawyer arranged that.

F Nothing about testifying in lawyers office affected the substance. Two questions about tape. Is it fair to say all redactions are the firey words. They don’t relate to covert nature of someone’s employment.

BW Correct

F You say, why doesn’t that come out, everyone knows.

BW Pincus’ article did not name Wilson, I knew it Armitage knew it, and I was wondering why it was not disclosed at that time.

F Did you know that Wilson’s wife was alleged to work at CIA? Were you referring to her CIA employ when you said everyone knows it?

BW No–I was referring to Wilson.

The BSS Fitzgerald is taking damage, man the life boats. Since a simple Lexus-Nexus search would find her name it clear the cat was out of the bag BEFORE June 13 – since ‘everyone’ knew Wilson. At least that is according to one RICHARD ARMITAGE!

Jeffress goes back to transcript, focuses just on two lines of the interview.

J It’s not you saying, “everyone knows it.” That’s him speaking.

BW correct.

Fitz is foundering badly.

Update:: Don’t miss Clarice Feldman’s take on today’s opening broadside for the defense team. Judge Walton and Fitz are on the ropes. Walton is basically daring the Appeals Court to overturn him. Not a good sign for the government’s case. Some lunch and deep breathes hopefully will calm him down.

Update: OK, since the grand conspiracy of vengeance is not appearing, is it a surprise to learn Libby talked to Novak about the Wilson angle after talking to Armitage and Rove and Libby never once confirmed or addressed Plame?

W[ells] Describe your recollection of your conversation.

R[obert]N[ovak] I was trying to find out more information about Wilson’s mission to Niger and VP’s connection. Most memorable about call, I asked Libby if he might be helpful to me in establishing timeline in 16 words. When they came in, who proposed it, sort of a consecutive account that I could put in column. I interpreted him as saying he could be helpful.

W In context of talking to Libby did Wilson’s wife come up.

RN I don’t remember exactly, I might have raised that question, I got no help, and no confirmation on that issue. The reason I’m fuzzy is that I talk to a lot of people in govt an politics everyday and a lot of them are not very helpful and I discard unhelpful conversations in my memory bank.

W You have a clear recollection he gave you no info about it.

RN I’m sure he gave be no info about it.

Where is Fitzgerald’s vaunted conspiracy theory? Where is this grand plan to get Plame’s name out in the media?

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Ditto in Novak’s testimony.

    He was asked about a time he “met” Wilson “IN THE GREEN ROOM.” Where the “green room” is not a room in CLUE. But on the set of Meet The Depressed. When there was a “round table.” Novak was there. So was Wilson. (Smile. You’re on camera.)

    He said he was reading. Wilson speaking in a loud voice was talking about “his days with Clinton.” Novak found it annoying.

  2. Carol J says:

    By the way, WAYYY off-topic but right in time…Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Abraham Lincoln that is.

    Obama cannot hold a candle to our greatest President…not even close!

  3. Andrea Mitchell was right, “Everybody knew about Valerie Plame”…

    When NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that “It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community and were actively engaged in trying to track down who among the foreign service community was the envoy to Niger”, she w…

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Just spent a couple of hours over at JOM reading the posts and commentary.

    I only read there, because I know my limits and would not want to be even attempting to add to their wonderful analysis.

    Now only if the jury can get the same out of that.

    Hope it all isn’t going over their heads.