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Mar 16 2007

Plame Silliness

I have to admit the Plame Game is getting a bit boring. And the duplicity of the attack on Libby and the administration over forgotten details verses the out and out lying by the Wilson’s and Fitzgerald is just mind boggling. What would be interesting is if ANYONE would take on the Wilson’s for all […]

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Mar 12 2007

Obstructing Justice

Libby vs. Berger as outlined by Michael Barone. If America wants any better indication that our vaulted legal system is NOT about protecting Americans and is now all about making money and political power I can’t think of one. If Sandy Berger can remove documents pertinent to understanding how 3,000 people died on our soil […]

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Mar 11 2007

Joe Wilson Knew Of Niger Forgeries In Detail

As I was rereading Wilson’s word’s for the speculative post below I focused in on a key event at UVA where Wilson let his mouth run a bit. And in that talk he tipped his hand on something that has been key to the controversy – who knew what about the infamous Niger forgeries. In […]

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Mar 11 2007

Joe Wilson, CIA Operative?

While I was flying out on vacation last week I was contemplating the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame partisan hit job, specifically one aspect of this whole mess that has bugged me from the start: why pick the apparently loose lipped Wilson for a CIA field investigation into WMD trafficking? And not just once but apparently many […]

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Mar 08 2007

A Moment From The Beach For Scooter Libby

I want to thank all the guest bloggers holding down the fort here while LJStrata and I enjoy a wonderful Caribbean beach. I am taking a quick noon-time retreat from the sun and thought I would drop a note on the Libby verdict. I have to say I am surprised Libby was found guilty regarding […]

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Mar 08 2007

One juror favors a pardon…

The Drudge Report has the scoop on this one. The juror is partially right. Libby was caught up in the investigation – and it was an investigation that should have ended long before Libby and Rove were called to the stand. In the end, rather than admit there was nothing and that it had been […]

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Mar 06 2007

Wrong Man Convicted

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Lewis Libby has been convicted on four of five counts against him and faces up to 25 years in jail and a fine of $1 million. The jurors found Tim Russert to be a credible witness, despite the notes of his FBI interview being “lost” and him having claimed on the stand it would have […]

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Mar 05 2007

Imagining a Covert Agent

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As the trial of Scooter Libby nears its end, the pundits on each side of the case have been fighting about one fundamental issue: was Plame a covert agent when Novak published her CIA credentials? Larry Johnson says yes, Victoria Toensig says no. I’ll admit up front that I am biased against Mr. Johnson, and […]

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Mar 02 2007

Libby Jury Has “Doubt”

The jury deliberating the Scooter Libby case clearly have doubts regarding the prosecution’s claims, since they have asked for a definition of “reasonable doubt”: Jurors asked for the definition of “reasonable doubt” Friday after completing a shortened, eighth day of deliberations Friday in the perjury trial of ex-White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. “We […]

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Feb 28 2007

Hint On Libby Deliberations

An interesting glimpse into the Libby trial deliberations has come out as the essence of the jury’s aborted question to Judge Walton has been made public: Jurors seemed to want to know whether the charge hinges on whether Libby’s version of the conversation is true or whether what he told Cooper was true. As Walton […]

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