Dec 10 2006

Greenwald Eats Crow On Foleygate

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I don’t have the time or desire to go through the Foley Report and retype all the confirmations that the entire effort was a Democrat hit job supported and covered up by the media. It is one thing to protect a source, but it is another to hide the fact Democrats began shopping the Foley story as I said they did and when I said they did. What is humorous is watching naive lefties like Glenn Greenwald wake up and choke down their crow regarding their pure and valiant political leaders. Now maybe they understand why those of us who grew up in the swamp that is DC knew better and knew the Democrats were in complete cahoots with the media. They both out and out lied to the American people. Now it is time for the Greenwald’s to face the fact the Foley lies are nothing compared to the lies told about what this nation is facing and what will happen if we surrender Iraq. The Folely lies pale in comparison. And don’t hold your breathe for any media to go out and clean out their rotten house over this scandal. Personally I think the media has totally destroyed its reputation and can only be counted on to lie to America as they kid themselves by pretending they are upholding some kind of honorable place in our society. Foleygate has exposed that lie.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Nixon didn’t invent polical dirty tricks! There’s no other way to “battle” for election than to brute it out with your competition.

    What amazes me more, is that I think the donks were using “language” against the GOP. Since everyone knows that Barney Franks, and others, got a free pass.

    But what the democrats had, was a GOP “Goody Two Shoes” approach to politics. And, really. NOBODY is above the fray.

    Larry Craig made it back. From Utah. So the Foley claim was just sensational; because everybody bought it. Even the blogs. Where it is the only place I saw it. Because it is the only place I look.

    By the time Larry Craig’s name got flung out, those who POLL pretty much knew that the GOP wasn’t going to keep its majority. So, the fires, or rumors, were tampted down. While obviously, in ALL cases, each party wants to get voters to vote for them. And, “not the other guy.”

    It might be better to point out how well Rumsfeld’s firing was hidden, until after election day. And, how the James Baker “cook-up” of Sandra Day O’Connor “forks” and innane BS to serve the Saudis, well. ALSO WAS NOT DISCUSSED. Who only knows what would have happened if Bush had not come out of election day lame?

    I also notice that the Saudis are now screaming like PIGS! So a lot of stuff that will affect 2008 is way out in the open, now. With two years more to go. And? According to DEBKA, the Kurds in Iraq are furious. They’re not interested in Baker’s “desires.” And, they are emphatic about NOT becoming a colony!

    More deceit and lying ahead. Because the White House is probably of two minds. How to get someone into the UN who will be Saudi friendly.

    In other words, how to “re-take the test” because nobody can fire Bush #43, anyway. The democrats WON’T. He’s their best gift, ever! While last year? Fitzmas fizzled. This year? A new team comes up in January. And, it’s only a matter of time to find out if the queerest thing of all is that Israel has no American friends. REALLY!

  2. kathie says:

    Nobody ever eats crow in the media, they just move on, with an oh well attitude. Anything that they can find that will tell the public that this President is not trustworthy, has no integrity, is a dimwit, the media will flog it over and over again until it becomes a truth that can be reported on as a story. Between the dems and the media that are in cahoots with one another, it is amazing that the public has the confidence in this country and this President that they do. And then we find that the media and the dems are believing their own lies, ( Joe Wilson, NSA no WMD’s). Ya know if politicians want to lie about domestic programs and the population doesn’t do their home work to find the truth, then bad on them. But when it comes to national security and our military is in harms way then these dumb asses, spin misters, gotcha merchants are responsible for their deaths. DESPICABLE!

  3. Ken says:

    The Greenwald post does not make Strata’s case, rather it comes closer to making the case the broad ruling/political class in America
    exemplified by the two major parties is both corrupt and in crisis and
    in danger of suffering its worst ignoble defeat since Vietnam.

    One might even say a deserved defeat in view of the corruption –and it is ironic Strata uses a Jewish politico with close ties to Israeli
    right-wing circles to make his point. Emanuel has purposely countered Murtha and others in his party who put American interests first, ,and done his best to keep the Democrat Party as committed to protecting Israel as possible. In this case that means staying in Iraq.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like more of the buyer’s remorse over time. All of the Michael Moores are going to be greatly disappointed in their radical left wing democratic party.

    I’m willing to bet that the Democratic party is already having second thoughts in pulling out. So why did they vote in favor of all of the “Cut and Run” resolutions in the last year; yet, they are hesitant?

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Captain’s Quarters has a great post on this one.

  6. Barbara says:


    I don’t think Greenwald is eating crow. He went after Emmanuel but his other talking points were the same as usual. Republicans are bad. Democrats are good. Republican leaders lied and are still lying. Democrat leaders are idealistic and super wonderful. The whole other side is enough to make you sick. They completely ignore all the dirty tricks like waiting until the day after the time limit that Republicans could put someone else in Foley’s place and it worked. They won that seat. These are dispicable people and I for one will not make excuses for them and certainly never vote for any of them.

  7. MerlinOS2 says:


    I have to agree with the one commenter over at CQ that this is an attack by left nutroots oriented GW doing pushback for the interparty war on the dem side.

    It is the tug of war between the Dean/Kos/Pelosi lefties and the Emmanual/Clinton contingent.

    I expect to see more blood in the water.

  8. clarice says:

    It may also be Greenwald trying to save his recibility. A child could have figured out this was a Dem dirty trick. I did. Neither he nor the press (which after all knew who they received the stuff from) came clean on what they knew. Protecting sources, you know. And helping their friend Rahm.

  9. cochino says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is here. At the time, I thought it was pretty clear that Emmanuel was giving the classic Clintonian (a term I apply to members of all walks of political life) answer. It was OBVIOUS he knew of the emails and knew how they would be used in the future. He probably purposely did not read them so that later he could say he never ‘read’ them. He didn’t ‘lie’ in the technical, lawyerly sense. That’s all that counts in Washington. No one will press him on it. They won the election, that’s all that matters.

    A serious question:
    Are there really people out there who think that one party is more corrupt than the other in such matters? That one party takes has is more influenced by lobbeyists than the other? That Pelosi et al. are going to ‘clean up’ the House, now? That they ever cared for a second about any of that stuff? I think that may be the most disappointing thing about the major news outlets: they know the game very (very) well, but just play along, election after election.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:


    The newspapers may have gotten an anonymous fax tip or throwaway email feed and not have known who the source was but just based on the emails contents started working to check out what they had.

    It seems that especially if the St Pete paper were to know the source for sure and didn’t print the story because they couldn’t get enough people to go on the record they would have been much more interested in the goings on with Emanuel having Dave Lutrin the token Foley opposition replaced by the Republican turned Dem Tim Mahoney since they would have good reason to connect those dots.

    Also with the documented email trail now going all the way to Dan Burton at the DCCC, this is the same guy Rodgers at Blogactive bragged as his contact to coordinate the release of the Foley story the day after his name was locked in by law on the Florida ballot.

    Also Rogers also is a prior tipster to Wonkette on other issues and remember the release sequence was StopSexPredators then Wonkette then ABC and Brian Ross.