Jan 21 2006

Eminent Domain Touches Supreme Court Justice

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I always admire Americans’ innovation for protest and sending signales to our leaders to straighten up. Eminent domain is the one issue that will bridge the left-right gap in this country. And the first party to move to end it will take a huge chunk of the electorate with them.

So when a group of people petitioned to evict Justice Souter from his home so a more revenue generating enterprise (a hotel) could be put up in its place – I though to myself we should do this to every official supporting eminent domain.

Angered by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that sided with a Connecticut city that wanted to seize homes for economic development, a group of activists is trying to get one of the justices who voted for the decision evicted from his own home.

The group, led by a California man, wants Justice David Souter’s home seized for the purpose of building an inn called “Lost Liberty Hotel.”

They submitted enough petition signatures — only 25 were needed — to bring the matter before voters in March. This weekend, they’re descending on Souter’s hometown, the central New Hampshire town of Weare, population 8,500, to rally for support.

“This is in the tradition of the Boston Tea Party and the Pine Tree Riot,” organizer Logan Darrow Clements said, referring to the riot that took place during the winter of 1771-1772, when colonists in Weare beat up officials appointed by King George III who fined them for logging white pines without approval.

“All we’re trying to do is put an end to eminent domain abuse,” Clements said, by having those who advocate or facilitate it “live under it, so they understand why it needs to end.”

Brilliant. I hope Souter loses his home.

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