Dec 27 2010

How Hitler And Liberals Fear Christmas

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Is the shared fear of Christmas and its Christian roots some interesting and bizarre coincidence, or a commonly shared fear of good people and historic teachings? Sadly, ’tis the season to ponder such disturbing questions.

I found these news stories before Christmas quite enlightening. First Hitler’s view:

But the Nazi Christmas was far from traditional.

Hitler believed religion had no place in his 1,000-year Reich, so he replaced the Christian figure of Saint Nicholas with the Norse god Odin and urged Germans to celebrate the season as a holiday of the ‘winter solstice’, rather than Christmas.

Out of sight at the top of the tree behind Hitler was a swastika instead of an angel, and many of the baubles carried runic symbols and iron cross motifs. The remarkable pictures were captured by Hugo Jaeger, one of the Fuhrer’s personal photographers.

Sounds quite familiar. Seems the left can’t shake its fear of the symbols of good over evil. The modern fear of celebrating Christ’s life is just as pathetic. Check out the title to this WaPo nonsense:

In defense of Santa and the cult of Christmas

An earnest academic, writing on the Web site Patheos, recently made the case against Santa Claus. Saint Nick is a multicultural nightmare: “A person shouldn’t have to pander to a white man – sit on his lap and beg, even! – to enjoy the good life. . . . If Santa were a refugee, or a woman of color, or even a plant or animal, I could probably get on board.”

Someone has some serious race issues. Whether a person is white or not, they are human beings. It seems ‘minorities’ are no more capable of getting over their own evil racism than those despicable whites (of which I am).

Or how about this liberal nonsense at NPR, trying to equate drugs to the creation of Christmas:

As we prepared to leave, we turned a corner, and there, in a glass case, was an odd assortment of artifacts: Christmas decorations shaped like red mushrooms with white flecks on them, Amanita muscaria, by name. There was also a Santa Claus, dressed in his traditional red robe with white trim.

While I was puzzling at this display, Pfister turned to a colleague, Anne Pringle, and mentioned that he was planning to make his annual lecture about the link between Amanita muscaria — which happens to be a hallucinogenic mushroom — and Santa.

I wonder of a little hallucinating wasn’t at the source of this nonsense. As the previous link notes, St Nick was a multicultural phenomena – not created out of one doped up moron’s imagination (like the theory itself being proffered).

Look, I am not religious, but Christ lived and Christianity wiped away more of humanity’s base evil than any union or government handout. From Christianity we get the basic and radical concept that even the weakest amongst us our of immeasurable value.

Stop and contemplate that again. From Christ’s teachings the rights of the individual, the inherent worth of the individual, was established throughout humanity and raised above the drive for raw power. The Jewish religion failed to share this basic tenant of life – probably due to the fact they are closed to those who don’t believe in their specific teachings. Muslims believe in religion over humanity and the individual, and the power of that brings. Hindus believe we are just one form of life without special abilities and responsibilities. An attempt to level the playing field between the authoritarian leaders and the rest of humanity, but one where people are asked to become equal with rats and cockroaches.

After Christ laid his seeds of thought and opened eyes to a new perspective, the West was able to create the democracies and individual rights that allow short sighted and pathetic voices to be heard without retribution. The rights the left like to claim much ownership to where built upon the teachings of an imperfect religion, which helped spread the teachings of Christ.

It is for that reason we celebrate Christmas, and for that reason St Nick became the symbol of giving – not procuring as some lame leftists like to pretend. Since we have to procure or make something to give some poor, twisted and hurting souls are focused on the buying of gifts instead of the giving. Well, that’s their problem to deal with.

The rest of us understand – even if some of us don’t support the modern Christian Church – that the teachings of Christ were profound and can be respected, just as we respect others who opened our eyes and cleansed us of evil. If we can celebrate Lincoln, we can celebrate Christ. It just happens more people follow Christ than Lincoln – so be it. It is not a competition, but an act of learning from history and understanding how it formed our modern lives.

To those who hate and fear Christmas or Christians, I feel for you. It must be horrible to be so insecure and filled with bile. It is a testimony to your own intolerance, your own version of racism that makes you weak and angry. There are many of us who accept the good and bad of the Christian Church without fear or anger. While I cannot fathom a religion that relegates women to some kind of male-insecure second rate status, I can applaud their efforts to feed and protect the weak, their dedication and sacrifice of their lives to the cause, and their efforts to reconcile out of date dictats and teachings with modern day reality. Some may twist the Bible to better reflect themselves instead of Christ’s teachings (the reason the book came into existence), but that is such a common human trait it should not be seen as a threat or evil. It is just one more handicap we need to work through.

Hitler feared Christmas and what it stood for. Anyone sharing his views may want to assess what really is bringing them to the point where they agree with a man who murdered tens of millions of human beings for a variety of sick reasons. I know I would consider this a warning bell for myself, but then again I don’t fear Christians or the Church.

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  1. WWS says:

    The modern and “sophisticated” view is to believe that symbols have no meaning and no power of their own, that one is as good as any other.

    And yet the first thing any great totalitarian movement does is to try and erase all of the old symbols associated with peace, faith, and kindness and replace them with something new and much darker – not just the swastika, but also the Red Star and the Hammer and Sickle.

    These were not foolish, casual choices on their part – these choices were made by those who knew exactly what they were doing and why. And if any doubt their dark talent, just consider how close each of them came to achieving their true goal – the enslavement of humanity. People who are simply fools don’t find ways to enslave half of the earth before they are stopped.

    People react to symbolism because on a purely intuitive level we perceive symbols as the embodiment of various divine or spiritual principles. We do this because we are not wired to comprehend pure abstractions; we as humans need some way to turn abstractions into concrete forms, and through these forms then we can grapple with the concepts they represent. And thus once given concrete form and a home in the minds of men, these symbols become the embodiment of power that can reshape history, both for ill and for good.

    Don’t take my word for it, just look at history in that light and you will see the pattern repeated over and over in every human culture since the dawn of time. Also, this isn’t a purely religious view; the Jungian branch of psychology is based on this concept, and understanding the effects of symbolism on the human mind was Carl Jung’s life work.

    Symbols have meaning, and power. Those who seek to tear down our society for their own ends have always known that. We need to remember that as well, and defend what we have before they are wiped away.

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  4. Toes192 says:

    Aj… What the H**L is wrong with you…
    Suggesting a moral equivilance between American ( I guess) liberals and Hitler…
    Such a disgusting headline… Shame, shame shame on you …

  5. WWS says:

    None so blind as those who will not see, Toes. Fascism is exactly the style of government that the current regime is trying to impose.

    Scratch a true liberal and you will find a fascist hiding underneath.

    Why do you think they hate Israel so much? It’s the same old evil, come back ’round again.

  6. Toes192 says:

    I am out of here… adios… Aj… you used to write reasonable coherent articles… logical…tending right…
    Now…you and your commentators (WWS) … has actually said that the Obama Presidency and liberals are fascists…
    No need to reply, WWs… I won’t be back… Best wishes from Alaska where we thankfully re-elected Senator Murkowski despite May and My (4) votes (Primary & General) for Mr. Miller… What an embarrassment he has been after losing…

  7. ivehadit says:

    What an embarrassment Murkowski is!

    The thinly disguised contempt for conservatism is showing, imho!

    And AJ, right on! This pc nonsense regarding Hitler has got to go! He was and IS a symbol of so much evil.

    And to all those offended by AJ’s comments I can only say..The shoe must fit. But if it doesn’t, don’t wear it!

  8. ivehadit says:

    Oh, and check out at gatewaypundit.rightnetwork why so many RUSSIAN IMMIGRANTS are moving to republicans in New York. THEY GET WHAT’S GOING ON.

  9. WWS says:

    sometimes the truth just hits a little too close to home for some people.