Jul 04 2012

The Second Great America Independence Movement

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I tend to be with those who note the Roberts’ Court decision on Obamacare is a clarion signal that American Independence is once again threatened. But this time the threat comes from our own bloated, out of control and inept federal government. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air discovered this excellent synopsis of where we stand as a nation. And I agree, we should never rely on 9 justices to enforce the will of the people.  We can fix this.

As the clip says in the intro, this is for all you knuckle-draggers Neanderthals in flyover country (BTW, I are one too):

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3 Responses to “The Second Great America Independence Movement”

  1. Mata says:

    Funny, that’s the same tact I took with my 4th of July authored post over at Flopping Aces, AJ.

    As the Chief Justice, firing a warning shot not only the bows of Congress and the WH but the constituents themselves, said:

    “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences oftheir political choices.”

    Our obvious woes of a bloated beyond control central government are attributed not to a Judicial Branch, tasked with interpreting volumes of bad laws, nor an Administrative Branch that selectively picks and chooses which of those bad laws to enforce… but to the Legislative Branch that relentlessly churns out bad laws as a reason for their full time existence to thrive off the taxpayers nickel.

    And it is We, The People, who are responsible for the make up of the Congressional chambers.

  2. Redteam says:

    “And I agree, we should never rely on 9 justices to enforce the will of the people. ”
    The role of all of the federal government is to defend and protect the constitution of the United States. It is not to enforce the will of the people. so whoever said that is correct.

    The will of the people are supposed to be used as guidance to the legislative branch of the government to write laws that reflect the will of the people. The job of the Judicial is to ensure that the laws comply with the constitution.

  3. han_solo says:

    The US will break up. It will not be too far in the future either.

    I believe it will happen very similar to what happened with the breakup of the Soviet Union.

    A number of states will declare their independence at the point that the big central government is broke and unable to stop them from leaving.

    This will probably not been too long now, the US federal government train is headed over a cliff at pretty good speed.

    When the crash happens, that will be the best time to leave the union, because the federal government will be nearly powerless, the people will think they are a joke and not believe they can help them anymore, and they will not be able to offer anything to get people’s loyalty.

    Funny, how the people in Russia and the Baltic states might end up in much better shape than the US states in the 21st century because they broke up their massive central government first.