Sep 02 2008

The Only Thing Being Questioned Is The Vulture Media, Not Palin Or McCain’s Vetting Process

The liberal media is trying to cover up for their gutter reporting, and it is not working. Let me remind the clueless class of ‘journalists’ out there that in a nation with 80% wrong track numbers, their ‘industry’ has the lowest approval ratings of all the elements that make up the political industrial power complex (and trust me, there is such a thing which is driven by greed).

After watching Dolt Blitzer on CNN and Mortified Kondracke on Fox try and make political hay out of the news a young woman became pregnant (stop the presses!) and has decided to keep the baby and marry the father (stop the presses!) I have come to the realization McCain and Palin were testing America and the media. They expected better – and were horribly let down.

The media has gone ugly on Palin and her family because they realize that, if America does rally around her and McCain, they would be see the first woman in the White House be a Republican. And for that sin they are committing journalistic witch hunts and atrocities. To avoid that they will commit any digression of professionalism and respect of American citizens.

McCain and Palin knew about the situation with Bristol Palin (and to Bristol and her fiancee I wish you the best of luck and just want to know you will be fine – while a difficult challenge is ahead, in the end it will be the best thing to ever happen to you). But back to Palin and McCain, they knew. A young woman is pregnant and getting married and it has nothing to do with the 2008 Elections. At least it would if there were ‘journalists’ in the news media and not liberal vultures looking for political blood (and pulitzer). Personally, I think we need to clean house in the news media as well as the Congress and Presidency.

But I am also concerned with how some women have let the media cower them over this issue. I have heard a few concerns over Palin because this story was being kept ‘openly’ private. Women who were ecstatic at the news of Palin for VP are now voicing concerns (like the media would not rake any GOP woman over their vicious bed of nails). It was no secret in the Palin home town – the folks up there in Alaska simply still show respect for the family’s privacy. And it was no secret at all until some sewer rats at the now nationally chastised Daily Kos started some ugly rumors about the Palin’s 5th child and 2nd child.

In order to stop the ugly rumors the Palin’s simply went public with the non-news their daughter was pregnant and getting married soon. But somehow, the fact they were forced to respond to slime ball crap makes them wrong? Somehow the vetting process did not work?

The common decency process did not work, that’s what failed. It was not McCain or Palin. The respect of privacy of children and their parents did not work, the media went into the sewer with the rats who started the ugly rumors. There is nothing wrong here folks. Even those idiots who bring up abstinence fail to note that if Bristol and her fiancee had followed Sarah (and I presume Todd’s) advice about abstinence they would not be facing these decisions. Proof abstinence helps avoid these situations is not a reason to invade this young girl’s personal life and expect all sorts of answers to creepy questions only a child porno addict would be interested in. It is not coherent reasoning.

The media failed the decency and respect test. And those who waiver will simple be giving them the green light to go further into the gutter on children of politicians in the future. This country needs America to stand up for Sarah and Bristol and slap down the media vultures trying to pry into that young girl’s life. For the safety of all of us, we need to reign in the political industrial complex.

I would propose a week of tuning out CNN as punishment for their digression in our name. If they serve us, then they better clean up their act and represent us better than this.

Update: And straight out of the Duh! Files some are starting to realize that the Palin’s are more American than any of the other names on this year’s ticket. Some even realize this might be benefitting the GOP. They are shocked the GOP faithful are standing strong. You think? When was anyone going to win the election by being just like the talking idiots who made such a mess of things in DC in the first place?

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  1. Terrye says:

    I don’t think this has hurt Palin’s support with the base. In fact it might have made it stronger. Apparently the girl’s pregnancy and upcoming marriage to her long time boyfriend is common knowledge back in Alaska. I am sure Palin was vetted just like everyone else.

    I saw Bill Kristol jump all over Mort Kondracke on this. I was amazed at how angry he got. Mort backed right down. Of course Mort has been a horse’s ass about the whole thing anyway

    I am a woman and I think it is refreshing to see a real woman in the running. Not some media creation or elitist construct. Real can be messy. Ask anyone.

  2. Toes192 says:

    Free advice to the folks smearing our Bristol lady and our Sarah. I would avoid the shopping mall in little old Wasilla… You might run into Todd [Palin… Sarah’s husb] After all, are you not all cowards? Semper Fi at where I link to another woman.

  3. Jacqui says:

    I agree with the apalling gutter reporting by the liberal press. Liberals are always the ones preaching compassion, diversity and equality….yet they rarely walk the talk.

    The more they dump on Sarah Palin, the more people rally around her. Most people hate the press, they know they are biased and based on the poll numbers the press and the Dems are beginning to fear the Palin pick – so complete and utter destruction of her and her family seems to be the order of the day. But the backlash is happening and even Obama can sense it.

  4. browngreengold says:

    This will resonate across the country with people who would normally be lukewarm about politics in general and this race in particular.

    The Media has wakened a sleeping giant and they don’t even realize it.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Toe, too late for me. I went through Wasilla last May to stay at a lake house nearby before going to Denali.

    Amazing how this is turning out.

    Imagine if this was one of Bush’s daughters, the media and left-wing bloggers would still be all over Bush and his daughter.

    The differences are the looks and gender of a candidate.

    I just read Byron York’s article at NRO and am just thrilled to see the media clamping down on it. Same with Andrew Sullivan…wasn’t he the one that started the rumor?

    I am also thrilled to see the base finally rallying behind McCain and Palin as I have not seen in a long time.

    Based on my observations, I have to wonder how big the evangelical, conservative, and centrist bases really are. This shows that the evangelical base is actually bigger than the media paints the size of the base. Anyone watch David Barton’s American Heritage DVDs? Hard to disprove his argument when he shows us either the originals, copies of the originals, and the books of the Founding Fathers stored at the Library of Congress.

    I predict that we will see more people coming out to speak for themselves, volunteer, and show up at rallies.

  6. kathie says:

    I think, woman, Campbell Brown, has been pretty obnoxious right behind Wolfe. The interesting thing is that they think we out here are all conservative Christians. So of course we will support no abortion. These guys in the media still don’t get who we are. Next they will be thinking that the whole democratic party is black, that’s why Obama is doing so well.

  7. Dorf77 says:

    …common decency process did not work???

    When pray tell has the COmedia ever been decent?

    And as to the Daemmon-crats just remember a few recent funerals of their own.

  8. Redteam says:

    Turned on the tv this morning and it was on NBC (entirely accidental) and Kathie Lee and Hoda were discussing Sarah Palin’s daughter. As soon as they brought it up, they both agreed discussing it was inappropriate for the campaign, but they continued to discuss it for several minutes, such as it is a mistake to make the two get married, shouldn’t compound the mistake, yada yada. Then took a station break, then back on with another guest and continued to discuss, all the time saying it wasn’t an appropriate discussion, but would you make your child get married in this situation. Actually got into, if they’re having sex so young it most likely means they won’t have as much later in life. Their discussion took many branches, still while saying it wasn’t a proper subject for the campaign. Oh, these libs.

  9. DJStrata says:

    Apparently the media, who claim it’s inappropriate to discuss Bristol Palin, keep repeating how she is all of a sudden pregnant. Which makes me laugh, since she is actually 5 months pregnant, her parents have known, McCain knew before choosing her mother as VP, and people in Alaska new. Oh and it has already been decided that she will keep the baby and marry the father. Wow, yep that is sure all of a sudden.

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