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Sep 02 2008

The Only Thing Being Questioned Is The Vulture Media, Not Palin Or McCain’s Vetting Process

The liberal media is trying to cover up for their gutter reporting, and it is not working. Let me remind the clueless class of ‘journalists’ out there that in a nation with 80% wrong track numbers, their ‘industry’ has the lowest approval ratings of all the elements that make up the political industrial power complex […]

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Sep 01 2008

Blitzer & Situation Room Sink Into The Liberal Sewer – Updated

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I just watched the most amazing bit of TV in decades – I cannot wait to see the YouTube version of it. Wolf Ditzer (aka Blitzer) was hosting Gloria Berger, Bill Bennet, Donna Brazille an John King (I believe) on The Situation Room and were discussing young Bristol Palin’s (Governor Palin’s oldest daughter) pregnancy and […]

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