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Oct 30 2008

Please Talk To Everyone You Can From Now Til Tuesday!!

Please take the time to talk to people and explain why you are voting for whoever you are. I think the undecideds are growing in number the closer we get to election day. And this is caused because of the doubt and hesitation from information about Obama. A lot of people did not take the […]

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Sep 17 2008

VP Candidate Palin: Corruption Addicted To OPM

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Sarah Palin did very well tonight in the Sean Hannity interview (and the bitter liberal response hosted by sour puss Alan Colmes was a disaster). My absolutely most favorite line was when Sarah said too many people are “addicted to OPM: Other People’s Money”.  In one catch all phrase she distilled down the anger and […]

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Sep 02 2008

The Only Thing Being Questioned Is The Vulture Media, Not Palin Or McCain’s Vetting Process

The liberal media is trying to cover up for their gutter reporting, and it is not working. Let me remind the clueless class of ‘journalists’ out there that in a nation with 80% wrong track numbers, their ‘industry’ has the lowest approval ratings of all the elements that make up the political industrial power complex […]

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Sep 01 2008

Obama Fails Science Policy 101

Remember, Obama is a Harvard educated smooth talker, it pretty much guarantees the man is ignorant of science and its implications, but is really good at wrapping that ignorance up into impressive sounding sound bites – which are misleading at best. Now we have a way to prove this is the case since Obama has […]

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Jun 21 2008

When The Mob Steals Young Minds

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This is really an important video providing a comparison between the emotional and vacuous, messianic movement behind Barack Obama and similar mob-think which created US terrorists in the 1960’s and 1970’s (H/T Reader VinceP1974): In times of high stress, like times of war and economic challenges, there are those who become a bit rattled and […]

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