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May 09 2011

Sadly, It Is Finally Nineteen Eighty Four

Update: Reader WWS notes the latest propaganda effort regarding the March hesitation by the President to go after Bin Laden is also riddled with factual errors: The reason this was such a good hiding place for bin Laden was that predators were specifically forbidden from getting anywhere near it, under official threat of being shot […]

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May 01 2011


Final Update: Watched the President’s speech and I give it B-. It was rambling and sappy at times. It lost focus as the success of tonight was diluted with grand talk of equality. It was so syrupy in places I almost felt sorry for the teleprompter. And when the President wandered into the “I” did […]

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Oct 31 2009

Hunt For 9-11 Killers Finds Trail In Pakistan

One of the well connected Islamo Fascists that was on the inside of the Hamburg cell of al Qaeda, which in turn became the 9-11 highjackers, is Said Bahaji – a German citizen of Moroccan decent. He came to Hamburg in 1995. He enrolled in an electrical engineering program at a technical university in 1996. He spent […]

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Feb 17 2009

Can Biology Find Bin Laden?

  An interesting bit of news has come out on the hunt for Bin Laden. Some researchers at UCLA decided to apply some statistical models to the problem of determining where Bin Laden may be hiding out, and have concluded he may be hiding in one of three possible buildings in a large town near […]

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Aug 25 2008

The Obidiot Feeds The Flame That Will Consume Him

What is going to be the top of the news over the next few days at the Dem convention? Bill Ayers. That is now a given after the Obama campaign has released a really dumb ad attempting to distract America from a terrible association he has had, stomping all over the other ‘themes’ being trotted […]

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Jul 08 2008

Taliban Infighting Shows Sign Of Pakistan Awakening And Problems For Islamo Fascists

In Iraq the turning point came when Sunni Muslims, fed up and repulsed by their people being massacred by the Islamo Fascists of al-Qaeda, literally turned on their one-time al-Qaeda allies and began to purge their country of this cancer. President Bush and General Petraeus intelligently took advantage of this sea change in allegiance and […]

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Jul 07 2008

Is Bin Laden Being Given Sanctuary By Pakistan On A Promise To Not Attack America? Is He On His Deathbed?

Why has the United States avoided a second attack against the homeland – even overseas assets like ships, embassies and military bases – for so long? The fact is many attacks have been thwarted prior to them being implemented, for example Richard Reid and his exploding shoes and the UK Airline plot where explosive disguised […]

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Jul 02 2008

Curious Coincidence: Bin Laden, Bajaur Agency, US Missiles In The News

Updated! Lots of discussions today on whether we could target Bin Laden with a drone if we discovered his hide out (see here and here). From the second link we read this: Pakistan long ago gave Washington the right to launch an immediate Predator drone strike on Osama bin Laden, without first notifying Islamabad, if […]

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Jun 27 2008

Islamist Extremists Abandoning Bin Laden

Here some important news the US SurrenderMedia has been able to keep a lid on. How many people know that major Islamist extremist groups were abandoning Bin Laden and Jihad? Apparently more than we (in the West) know: It was the summer of 2000 and Benotman, then a leader of a group trying to overthrow […]

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Jun 25 2008

In 1999, Saddam Linked To Al Qaeda

One of our readers (Vince1974) reminded us of this January 1999 ABC News special on the ties between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda posted last year on Powerline. When a liberal claims there never was any evidence of a connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda (like coordinating attacks in 2002 with AQ number 2 Ayman Zawahiri) don’t […]

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