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Sep 07 2012

Convention Wrap Up: I Need A Refill Of Advil

Sorry again for the complete lack of posting. Life has become incredibly hectic, and not always in a good way. At least we squeaked some vacation time in at the end of August, or else I would have gone mad with the conflicting priorities of aging parents, an endless stream of work/business issues (in no […]

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Aug 27 2008

Bill Clinton And The Liberals Gulp The Kool-Aid On Night 3 Of Convention – Updated

Update: While the snookered will deny anything is wrong at the Dem Convention there are many Dems who know better and see the same thing I do (except they see it with fear while I am smiling): I am feeling really frustrated today. I am sensing that something is wrong with this convention, and that […]

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Aug 27 2008

Et Tu Hillary?

Boy, stick a fork in the dems this year – they are done.  I could not get through Hillary’s speech, but through a glaring omission she pretty much torpedoed Barack for 08: I’ll amend this if I’m mistaken but on first read of Hillary’s speech text I see no clear, flat assertion that Obama is […]

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Aug 27 2008

The Dissonant Democrat Convention – Voters Flood From Hillary To McCain

Major Update Below: I want to add to my piece about how Hillary fell flat last night with her speech. Generally speaking there is no harmony in Denver, the theme coming across is dissonance, forced fronts and angst. Probably being fed by a combination of inexperience and buyer’s remorse. What struck me with the Hillary […]

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Aug 26 2008

Hillary’s Tired Liberalism Failed Tonight

OK, I hate conventions.  You get hour after hour of kindergarten level logic and sound bites parading as magical solutions to problems that are mostly self inflicted because people didn’t realize they need to work and prepare for life so they can have a good career and make and save money to live on. Both […]

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Aug 25 2008

The Obidiot Feeds The Flame That Will Consume Him

What is going to be the top of the news over the next few days at the Dem convention? Bill Ayers. That is now a given after the Obama campaign has released a really dumb ad attempting to distract America from a terrible association he has had, stomping all over the other ‘themes’ being trotted […]

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Aug 18 2008

The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

OK, we are one week away from the Democrat Convention and we will soon learn if there really was a video tape of Michelle Obama saying something akin to “whitey” at some major event a couple of years ago in Chicago. It the tape exists (and all indications are this is a sick rumor started […]

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