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Apr 01 2017

Situation Normal, All Farkased Up

  The Democrats & News Media (there’s a difference?) are deteriorating into insanity as President Trump’s “surveillance” tweet continues to disrupt DC and expose one of the Capitol’s dirtiest secrets. A secret kept under cover by the self-absorbed Political Industrial Complex (PIC*), whose members have been wrapping themselves in the American Flag to coverup gross […]

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Mar 10 2017

About That Infamous “Trump Server”

  If you are wondering what in the world was the basis for all the investigating of candidate Trump and his ties to Russian banks, you have to refer back to the detailed (I would say “too detailed”) article from Slate.com on Oct 31, 2016. This is the article Hillary Clinton famously tweeted out on […]

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Sep 13 2016

Is Hillary Sicker Than She Will Let On?

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Major Update: Another conflicting detail: Hillary recovered at Chelsea’s without medical assistance???? When Hillary Clinton got whisked away from the 9/11 memorial service Sunday and diverted from the ER, most assumed that her personal physician or another private doctor checked her out there. Not so, said Robby Mook yesterday in this interview with Jake Tapper, but […]

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Jun 01 2016

Why Hillary’s Email Is A Big Election Deal

The rule that “fish rot from the head first” is a good metaphor to explain what it is about Hillary’s email violations that is so devastating: When an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause. The problem Hillary has is she wants to lead a high-tech savvy nation into […]

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May 16 2016

Brexit Reflects America’s POTUS Choices

It seems that the voters in the US and UK are poised to reject the “Big Gov Knows Best” mantra of their respective Political Industrial Complex (PIC). 2016 may be the year the world’s first and foremost democracies take back their governments originally created for the people, by the people. These democracies were NOT created […]

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May 10 2013

The Benghazi Smoking Gun

When four people are horribly murdered, it is incumbent upon society to resolve why, and bring those to justice who were at fault. It does not matter if those at fault pulled the trigger, or where simply responsible to protect the dead and were derelict in their duty (which some are paid huge sums of […]

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Sep 17 2008

Rothschild Mops Floor With Campbell Brown – Updated

It’s Out! – see below As soon as I can find it on YouTube I will post it, but Lynn Forrester de Rothschild just mopped the floor with Campbell Brown, who was having an emotional meltdown over how the former Clinton backer was supporting McCain-Palin.  The problem for Brown is de Rothschild is ten times […]

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