Sep 19 2010

Christine The Witch

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Lots of back and forth over Bill Maher’s latest effort to be something, this time through blackmail and extortion aimed at Christine O’Donnell. It is a fairly gross and crass act, which will probably endear voters to O’Donnell and finish off Maher’s cancerous career.

But the response to the realization Christine O’Donnell had a date with a witch, and was not impressed, is not surprising. Those uncomfortable with her as a candidate find one more excuse to express their legitimate doubts, and those out RINO hunting find one more ally to target in their mindless game of conservative fratricide (too many links to select the worst offender). The response on the far right is the other telling moment here. This is why you don’t promote questionable candidates on broad coalitions – they end up destroying the camaraderie.

If your candidate tilts too far towards one faction and does not represent all factions evenly, you get a mess. As example I give Bob McDonnell, the VA Governor. He is just as conservative as Christine O’Donnell, comes down personally on the same social issues as she does, yet he garners trust that he will be fair to center left to far right. Christine O’Donnell had a chance to gain this stature by facing this latest test head on during the morning news shows. She instead cancelled out.

I could care less about Maher’s claims and what a young Christine was doing in 1999. The real story is how everyone responded to Maher’s gutter tactics.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Like I said, I have problems with the lying and not paying the bills and shaking down non profits in silly lawsuits…but hey, she says the right things and so none of that matters I guess.

    I just don’t think you are going to get more honest government by electing people who are not honest.

    But I am not from Delaware and what I think really does not matter in this race.

  2. Terrye says:


    Could she fool enough people??? Well didn’t Obama fool enough people into voting for him for President. Look at the stuff that people just refused to look at when he was running, they liked the message and so they did not look to closely at the messenger, he was articulate and energetic and cool…so he got elected. And here we are.

    I just think people are mad at the folks who are in there and they are voting them out all over the place. That is fine, but I would like it better if the people they voted in were what they seemed and if they could win a general election.

  3. CatoRenasci says:

    I must say the fact that as a young adult she was open-minded enough to date a witch — probably someone involved with one of the many Wicca ‘revivals’ — when that sort of thing was something of a vogue with the curious not attracted to Christian fundamentalism, speaks very well for Ms. O’Donnell, as does her subsequent (?) embrace of more traditional Christianity. I knew quite a few young people involved with alternative spirituality/religions in the ’70s and early ’80s, and they were almost all interesting and sincere people, often quite successful, who had pretty understandable reasons for having been turned off to traditional religion. Not where I ever wanted to end up, but one could certainly understand the appeal and the spiritual journey.

    Spiritual peregrinations are a part of growing up – even the Amish have something where late adolescents take time away from the community in the larger world before making a commitment to stay in their faith and community. Who’s to say her path was any less honest than any other?

    I’m more concerned about the financial issues – but, assuming she doesn’t come from money, she may well have been caught in the sort of difficulties that many young adults do. I’m agnostic, so to speak, on this at this point.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    There is so much vetting of Christine O’Donnell here. Where is the vetting of Coons?

    Jeffrey Lords writes about Coons’ Liberation Theology.

    Patrick Frey talks to a far left wing activist who was manipulated by Coons and/or his people.

    This thread opens with the title, “Christine, the Witch”. Actually, the title should say something like, “Christine who came close to becoming a witch”. The thread should change to “Where is the Vetting of Coons?”

    Let’s hope that we will see more vetting AND media coverage of Coons’ background just as much as O’Donnell’s.

    Coons sounds like another Obama or worse.

    Would you want another Obama representing not only the state of Delaware but also the entire nation. All it takes is one senatorial vote can sway the outcome of a bill affecting the entire nation.

    The campaign should consider “Anything, anybody but Coons”.

  5. So, let me get this straight, the establishment Republicans and MSM are worked up that O’Donnell dated a male satanic witch when she was young?

    So what!

    We have pictures of serving Minnesota Senator Al Frankin in a diaper…and he voted for Obamacare!!!

    The hypocritical snobbery going on about O’Donnell is amazing.

    That the pieces of work of work at the Huffington Post and MSM types like Maureen Dowd calling someone else – anyone else – a witch is simply magnificent irony.

    Would it be better for Dowd et al if the “satanic witch” O’Donnell dated were a lesbian?

    Heck, a few friends I know actually *married* a witch once and are still cursed with family court orders, limited child visitations, lawyer bills and a dozen years of alimony payments.

    Most of us would not be here today if it were not for a young woman’s bad choices in men.

    I know with O’Donnell I have a certain vote to repeal Obamacare death panels, to repeal small business killing Obamacare taxes and a vote to restore my personal liberty in choosing health care providers and plans for my families needs.

    I didn’t with Castle.

    That is why the powers that be call her a witch.

    Christina “Glenda the Good Witch” O’Donnell — “Vote for the Witch, Its Important!”

  6. lurker9876 says:

    The longer the Republican establishment attacks her, the more this entity loses to the Tea Party as this helps strengthens the power of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is seeing the real Republican establishment for who it truly is. Power, greed, money, influence. They are seeing this Republican establishment as the entity that will not look out for us.

    Jim DeMint is emerging as another new leader for the new Republican Party. He has a great article out.

    The numbers may not be there for her to win but dang it, the Republican establishment had better start standing by her or they will put Coons (another Obama) in the office.

    Which is why the Obama adm is looking for ways to attack the Tea Party in the coming days.

    Trent, I feel that O’Donnell has been frank, HONEST, and open about her past, much in the same way that Glenn Beck was with his past. I feel that O’Donnell believes so much in conservatism (not that far right wing extremism that AJ paints) that she will vote to repeal ObamaCare (well, at least the death panels), repeal everything that’s killing the small businesses, and restore our country back to the founding basics.

    We need to show support for O’Donnell.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Christina “Glenda the Good Witch” O’Donnell — “Vote for the Witch, Its Important!”

    That’s a great line.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    I HEAR THAT TEDDY ROOSEVELT LIKED HIS OUIJA BOARD: Christine O’Donnell makes light of witchcraft comment.

    Not kidding about Roosevelt. When the Tafts were over, they asked a then-new Ouija Board whether Taft would be President or Chief Justice, and it supposedly responded, “BOTH.”

    Related: “Does the left actually understand how they look when they decide the Delaware election should turn on WitchCraft and masturbation as opposed to say….jobs and the economy? The fact is the left would likely actually approve of the witchcraft business, the idea is to convince people who might vote for O’Donnell on the right that she is unsuitable for support, electoral or financial.”

    Hey, when Hillary Clinton was holding seances in the White House it was an intellectual exercise.

  9. archtop says:

    Terrye 20 Sep 2010 at 5:16 am


    As far as the lying is concerned, I am not familiar with the statement involved. If she did “misremember ” something, she should own up now and clear the air. Likewise for any other issues which may be cause for mistrust. If she deliberately dodges these issues over the next week or two, that will tell a lot (to me).

    With regard to fooling people, yes the Obama phenomenon is a good example. Of course, people were out there in 2008 trying to call attention to his past associations, but nobody (especially the MSM) was listening.

    And finally, all of this silly high school “witch” stuff is just that – SILLY! Why not go back to junior high or elementary school! Maybe she wrote “poopy” on the school bathroom wall. Geez! I suppose if she had used drugs (like Obama and Franken have admitted), all would be well…

  10. oneal lane says:

    Actually it should help her with voters who think she is too “right wing.”

  11. lurker9876 said:

    >>>That’s a great line.

    Then spread it around and make it viral.

    The best way to deal with a dirty political attack like this is to “hang a lantern on it” and make the image your own to grind down the attacker.

    Someone named Tip O’Neil taught that to a budding politician and future media talking head named Chris Mathews.

    Doing that with the media attacks O’Donnell will do more to dishearten the Dems & RINOs in October than almost anything else I can think of.

  12. Layman says:


    Please… go on once more about “those out RINO hunting find one more ally to target in their mindless game of conservative fratricide”.

    You’ve never answered why you think that we on the “far right” must support the RINO candidate (Arlen Specter, Jim Jeffords, Mike Castle, Etc) but once a far right candidate is nominated it is OK for your precious center to bash and destroy this candidate.

    Please, just be a little consistant. Demand the same from “the center of the country” (one of your favorite phrases) as you demand from those of us on the right.

  13. AJStrata says:

    Layman, Read the blog dude. While not a fan of Specter, I am equally not a fan of DeMint.

    Two zealots outside mainstream USA.

    Far right, far left – stuck in the middle with 50% of America. I like my position. When you deplore the use of “RINO” you can lecture me on behavior.


  14. AJStrata says:

    BTW, Layman, isn’t this post a defense of O’Donnell on the witch nonsense?

    You can read – right? My take is Maher HELPED O’Donnell and made her sympathetic.

    Geez, can’t even throw a bone to the right without it being hurled back in your face!