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Jun 13 2016

Hillary’s State Department Might Have Avoided Pulse Killings

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What if? That is a really dangerous – and many times pointless – question. The answers can range from disturbing to silly. What if Hitler had been assassinated in the July 1944 attempt on his life at his Wolf’s Lair? How many people would have lived instead of dying in the bloody invasion of Fortress […]

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Jun 13 2016

President Obama’s Latest Drivel

To be clear, let me explain my word choice in the title of this post: driv·el ?driv?l/ noun noun: drivel 1. silly nonsense. “don’t talk such drivel!” synonyms: nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, rubbish, mumbo jumbo, garbage; More informalpoppycock, piffle, tripe, bull, hogwash, baloney, codswallop, flapdoodle, jive, guff, bushwa; informal,tommyrot, bunkum; vulgar slangcrapola, verbal diarrhea […]

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Jan 19 2010

Christmas Day Bomber & Health Care Caused MA Earthquake

After a year of Americans feeling economically vulnerable and insecure, and after the Senate made good on the liberal threat to remake all our health care policies (which 70% of us are just fine with), it is a interesting but not surprising to hear from both camps in the MA Special Election that the Christmas […]

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Nov 12 2009

Traitor Hasan May Have Been Financing Terrorism

Reader Frogg1 points us to some major news out of the Dallas Morning News: Authorities have been examining whether Fort Hood massacre suspect Nidal Malik Hasan wired money to Pakistan in recent months, an action that one senior lawmaker said would raise serious questions about Hasan’s possible connections to militant Islamic groups. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., said […]

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Sep 20 2009

Major Terrorist Attack Foiled (AG Holder Better Stop His Witch Hunt)

Major Update – At the end of this post (way down below!) I noted how weak the charges are against these alleged terrorists  – basically low level perjury. I wondered what else was known, and now that the media is finally getting on this story, we learn the possible targets are disturbing, at least: Several reports […]

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Apr 02 2009

“Man Caused Disaster” Strikes Children In Israel

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It seems we must equate “terrorism” (now aka “man caused disaster” – like there are no women terrorists or terrorism supporters) with the myth that CO2 is causing a warming of our global climate (which has actually been cooling for a decade). That is the only reason I see for the similarity between “man-made global […]

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Jan 25 2009

The Obidiot Arises, Opinion Polls Start Falling

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It has not taken Obama long to destroy the image of hope and change he presented the American People. As Pew just noted yesterday the top issues for this country – per the voters – is the Economy, Jobs and Terrorism. To date all of Obama’s actions have been irrelevant or undermining to these issues. […]

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Jan 23 2009

Public Gives Cold Shoulder To Global Warming, Focused On Economy And Terrorism

President Obama and the Democrat Congress have a lot of challenges ahead of them – none of which they seem interested on taking on in a serious manner. Pew has just come out with a new poll which puts the beloved economically crippling concept of Global Warming dead last on the list of national priorities: […]

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Dec 08 2008

Hundreds Need Not Die To Force Pakistan Into Action

The Mumbai, India attacks represent a serious failure of Pakistan to deal with the terrorist thugs who operate within their borders and export death and destruction to its neighbors. The excuses being laid out by Pakistan that the terrorists acts are not a reflection on Pakistan are becoming laughable. Pakistan needs to understand it either […]

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Nov 26 2008

Holy Terrorist Financial Front

What amazes me sometimes is how resistant some people are to acknowledging self destructive and/or suicidal actions – or even inactions. People seem to be so scared of facing a threat they would prefer to walk blindly to the gallows, pretending they do not exist. Others won’t do a thing to save themselves, preferring to […]

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