Jun 13 2016

President Obama’s Latest Drivel

To be clear, let me explain my word choice in the title of this post:

noun: drivel
  1. 1.
    silly nonsense.
    “don’t talk such drivel!”
    synonyms: nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, rubbish, mumbo jumbo, garbage; More

    informal,tommyrot, bunkum;
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verb: drivel; 3rd person present: drivels; past tense: drivelled; past participle: drivelled; gerund or present participle: drivelling; past tense: driveled; past participle: driveled; gerund or present participle: driveling
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    talk nonsense.
    “he was driveling on about the glory days”
    synonyms: talk nonsense, talk rubbish, babble, ramble, gibber, blather, prattle, gabble, waffle

    “you always drivel on

President Obama has just demonstrated what a confused and unprepared leader he remains – even after 7 years trying to lead this great nation. You have to be completely out to lunch to make a statement like this after the worse massacre of innocent life in US history:

So determined is the president to avoid the subject of Islamist, ISIS-inspired or ISIS-directed terrorism that he concluded his remarks with an astonishing insistence that “we need the strength and courage to change” our attitudes toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

That’s just disgusting. There’s no other word for it.

America’s national attitude toward LGBT people didn’t shoot up the Pulse nightclub.

If Obama wanted to strengthen Donald Trump’s anti-terrorist platform and sink former Secretary of State Clinton’s chance at election – he sure did it today. He has riddled this country with undocumented illegal aliens, any one of which could coordinate other attacks with people like Omar Mateen (an anchor baby – which is another perk this nation needs to roll back). We have lost control of our borders and now we sit and wait to see who is and is not going to kill us.


The only way to “change” America’s current path towards gays, lesbians, etc would be to reverse gears 180 degrees and embrace Islamic law, followed by state-sponsored progroms to eradicate the individuals who are insulting Islamo Fascists. Is that what Obama means?

Or is this more of “blame the victim”?? Who knows what this latest drivel was meant to convey – outside his legendary incompetence.

Update: Before Obama’s drivel even hit the floor is nuanced stance just got completely upended:

Orlando Jihadist Omar Matten was radicalized by New Back Panther Party Member, Marcus Dwayne Robertson (below left), who is a known advocate of radical Islam in Florida and was formerly famous for being a bodyguard for the Blind Sheik.

The gunman who murdered at least 50 people in a Florida nightclub early Sunday morning was a follower of a controversial gang leader-turned-bank robber who was released from prison last year despite warnings from prosecutors that he would recruit people to carry out violent acts, sources told FoxNews.com.

More here:

US District Judge Greg Presnell, a Clinton appointee, ignored warnings from the government lawyers that Robertson was incredibly good at recruiting other people to do things and carry out acts that he didn’t participate in.

Sunday morning in Orlando probably was one of those.

Double whammy.  Can’t wait to see Obama/Clinton try and explain this away.

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