Jun 13 2016

Hillary’s State Department Might Have Avoided Pulse Killings

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What if?

That is a really dangerous – and many times pointless – question. The answers can range from disturbing to silly.

What if Hitler had been assassinated in the July 1944 attempt on his life at his Wolf’s Lair? How many people would have lived instead of dying in the bloody invasion of Fortress Europe?

What if President Lincoln’s assassin had missed and Lincoln had never died?

What if the Titanic had missed that lone iceberg?

What if Bill Clinton was a good and faithful husband?

It is a question that sometimes needs to be asked. And this seems to be one of those times.

What if Hillary Clinton and her State Department HAD NOT blocked a Homeland Security inquiry into Omar Mateen’s mosque, and instead had disrupted the flow of events leading to the bloody massacre at the Pulse?

Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. shut down an investigation into the mosque Orlando killer Omar Mir Siddique Mateen attended because it “unfairly singled out Muslims.”

The Fort Pierce Islamic Center, where Mateen worshipped several times a week, was under investigation by both the FBI and DHS as early as 2011 for ties to a worldwide Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaal which was linked to several terrorist organizations.

But the investigation was shut down under pressure from the Clinton-ran State Dept. and DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office out of fear of offending Muslims, according to recently retired DHS agent Philip Haney.

Un – be – lievable. [emphasis in original]

Let me get this straight. We may offend some Muslims, so we instead clear a path for a national disaster to take place? An epic bloodbath of innocent people out for a night of fun? This is leadership?

Is this Beirut? Is this Jerusalem? Is this Afghanistan?

When the police pull over a drunk driver, should they be worried that they may “offend” the driver? Or should they protect all the other innocent people on our public roads?

How is this even a question? Who was so Politically Correct they locked down all their IQ points to come up with this nonsense?

The world of Obama/Clinton has now brutally exposed itself to America. But don’t expect the dullards in the Political Industrial Complex to wake up and smell the carnage.  The real world is some theoretical, other-dimension to the political elites.




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