Apr 02 2009

“Man Caused Disaster” Strikes Children In Israel

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It seems we must equate “terrorism” (now aka “man caused disaster” – like there are no women terrorists or terrorism supporters) with the myth that CO2 is causing a warming of our global climate (which has actually been cooling for a decade). That is the only reason I see for the similarity between “man-made global warming” and “man caused disasters”. Clearly we need to invest in our war against the axis of evil (energy companies) that wield that Weapon of Mass Destruction CO2 (which has the hideous side effect of making plants grow more, producing more oxygen and food and cleansing our environment of toxic elements). This is fixing the message to set the stage for a new PR campaign.

Apparently, for the deluded priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC that now inhabit Team Obama the use of fossil fuels is akin to taking an axe to a child:

An axe-wielding Palestinian man went on the rampage in an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank today, killing one child and injuring another, in an incident likely to harden tensions with the newly-formed hard-line government.

Security forces said that the man infiltrated Bat Ayin, south of Jerusalem, and killed a 13-year-old boy while injuring another, aged seven. The attacker was believed to have been equipped both with an axe and a knife.

“The security team here managed to shoot and hit the terrorist, but he managed to escape,” Shaul Goldstein, a settler leader, told Israeli Army radio. Mr Goldstein added that the man had still not been found.

What a coward, this agent of “Man Caused Disaster” (the more I use this phrase the more it drips with sexism). How dare this loathsome creature attack children with an axe! Is there any better example of the brutality of the animals with whom team Obama wants to break bread in an effort to end our “Overseas Contingency Operations” (aka our “war on terrorism”)? 

While some make fun of this attempt to neuter our goals and elevate our enemies to civilized human opponents, I find it sadly immature. It’s as if these people cannot face reality, so they give reality nice and fluffy names to cover the ugliness. Clearly, a wax yielding Islamo Fascists is much more deadly than the gas in our air plants breathe to survive. Well, its clear to most sane people.

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  1. kathie says:

    It seems that “murder”, when the death happens on you own soil, and “war” when it happens on another”s soil is completely rational. Rational seems not to matter any more.