Jan 25 2009

The Obidiot Arises, Opinion Polls Start Falling

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It has not taken Obama long to destroy the image of hope and change he presented the American People. As Pew just noted yesterday the top issues for this country – per the voters – is the Economy, Jobs and Terrorism. To date all of Obama’s actions have been irrelevant or undermining to these issues. And now Obama feels the heat of the conservatives (and conservative independents) and has jettisoned ‘hope and change’ for his little tin dictator hat. When faced with requests to be bipartisan as promised, Obama just gave the finger to all of us fed up with the partisan bickering from the left and right:

After less than a week in office, Mr Obama’s presidency is already encountering the very partisan bickering he had pledged to stamp out during his first 100 days.

He faces mounting criticism over his $825 billion economic stimulus plan, from Republican leaders who say the legislation has been drawn up without the input which Mr Obama had promised to allow them.

The president responded with a clear signal that he is prepared to ram the bill through without the bipartisan consensus he promised to construct, telling Republican leaders from the House of Representatives: “I won. I’m the president.”

This ain’t the change voters were promised. In fact, the snippy attitude is an indicator of a much worse and long lasting problem – Obama is not ready for the job. George Bush was able to guide partisans into reasonable compromises to address this nation’s problems. From stimulus packages to tax cuts to education reform to immigration reform, Bush was able to forge solutions so well the far right went into a panic mode they have yet to recover from. Bush was adept at bringing people together.

Obama is not adept, he is inept. He cannot control his far left base and he cannot handle the challenges of bringing competing or warring factions together. One way to destroy the Democrats is to show how Obama and the Dem Congress are LESS capable than Bush and the GOP Congress. After all the hype and mud thrown at Bush, the last thing they Dems and Obama need is to look like they are incapable of even meeting his standards of accomplishment.

Look at those top priorities of the American voter and then look at the headlines Obama is getting. His signature ‘success’ to date is to recklessly close GITMO – a favor to only terrorists and left wing echo chambers. This idiotic act does nothing for the economy and most Americans are positive it is not strengthening our position against al Qaeda. As suspected, al Qaeda sees this as a sign of weakness, and attacking the now weakened America looks better and better. Too many see GITMO as a white flag of surrender in the war on terror, which is a green light to terrorists.

What has Obama done on the economy? Nothing. Recall Bush was able to get tax cuts and rebates through a split Congress when he came into office. He was able to guide the nation’s economy through recovery after 9-11. Why is it all of a sudden the Dems can’t do something over a recession? Nothing they are proposing will hit the economy for months or years. The only near term, solid change they plan is to raise taxes by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. They plan to HURT the economy, not help it.

The economy is tanking further because it is clear Obama has no spine when it comes to his party’s far left destructive impulses. He is spending his political capitol and precious time making sure America funds abortions overseas instead of focusing on problems here in America. What do the prisoners at GITMO and abortions overseas have to do with fixing the economy, creating good and upwardly mobile jobs and defending the nation from terrorists? Nothing!

And America’s patience is wearing thin. Obama has seen his support drop 20% in the first week in office:

The Gallup Poll on Saturday released the first job-approval rating for President Obama, based on interviews during his first three full days in office: 68 percent.

Now that he’s in office, Obama’s approval ratings are starting to normalize, as partisan back-and-forth picks up. Just a week ago, Gallup found an astonishing 83 percent approval of how he has handled his transition, showing he had even won over most Republicans.

Well, that’s a fairly delusional way to view things. Look, everyone gives a new President a chance. I do and most do because of the office and our country, not because of any special magic with the person. But that window of opportunity can only be held open by producing results. Something Obama has never done in his entire life. He talks a good talk, but that doesn’t meet muster when people are hurting. And people are hurting.

Moreover, people are not pleased with the juvenile and bitter tactics of the liberal nut jobs. Disrespecting our former President and our Military was a huge mistake during the inauguration. Wallowing in childish giddiness that Nirvanna is here simply because we elected the first black male to the top slot is not helping anyone. All America sees is another group of whacky elitists with too much time and money on their hands binge partying now that they survived the retirement of Bush/Cheney.

Here is my prediction. As Obama and the Dems fail to make any difference in the economy and jobs, as al Qaeda and their ilk start rattling their swords and executing successful attacks to unbalance the shaky democrats, those opinion polls will continue to ‘normalize’ southward.

And it will happen at a rate that is stunning. First off, it took YEARS for Bush’s sky-high opinion polls to settle back down to earth. What Obama lost in one week it took Bush years to shed and he did it by trading it in on legislative accomplishments. He lost 20% of his support really fast. I am not saying it will continue to fall at this rate, but if he loses the non-liberal elements of society – which is the path he is on by sucking up to the liberals only – he could dip below 50% by summer of this year. And if he dips below 50% then the Dem Congress is on a path for another 1994.

But before that can happen the GOP needs to get its act together. It is too far into the clutches of its extreme (and now extremely rejected) far right wing to offer an acceptable alternative. The people threw out the GOP and its extremists for being just as tone deaf and insulting to the rest of the country (who exist from the moderate right to the far left) as the far left is now being with everyone to the right of liberal progressives! Being the flip side of the same bad coin will not provide an alternative.

Without some contrition and some acceptance of past bad behavior – along with a promise to not insult and fight with their allies – the far right is not going to get back into power. One example of what I see as short sighted, knee jerk, simple-minded conservatism that will not fly I found over at Jim Geraghty’s Campaign Spot. Which is sad, because I find Jim one of the few people on the right capable of bringing the movement back from oblivion. However, in this one instance the incoherence of the thought that went into sending a conservative message exemplifies how not to win back America as Obama and the Dems implode:

Here are the types of spending priorities you find in an examination of the text of the Economic Recovery Bill:

An additional $150 million to NASA for “aeronautics.

An additional $4.5 billion (with a B) to improve, repair and modernize Department of Defense facilities, restore and modernize Army barracks, and invest in the energy efficiency of Department of Defense facilities.

An additional $1.7 billion (with a B) for projects to address critical deferred maintenance needs within the National Park System.

What struck me as just 3rd grade thinking is the fact that simply because someone doesn’t know what ‘aeronautics’ means they assume it is wasteful spending. Well ‘aeronautics’ means investing in safety and improvements in our civilian airline sector. It means investigating ways to save lives and make flying more efficient. It means, by government investment, these advances are owned by the people of this nation and are not the intellectual property of a corporation alone, so that all who fly in the US for business and pleasure can reap the rewards of these programs.

It is the kind of work that leads to devices and systems and training programs that allow a plane full of people to make an emergency landing in the frigid Hudson River and live to tell about. It is something government should be doing more of, not less. For those who don’t understand why this money is worth spending, there is a little tutorial for you to educate yourself. It is called the NASA Website (see here, here, here and here).

Additionally, is Geraghty (and whomever he linked from) really saying we should not maintain the facilities of our fighting forces? Are we not pro military? Are we not, as conservatives or Americans, willing to spend what it takes to support those in harms way?

The little advertised sad truth is the Feds have not only been tapping into Social Security to fund the pet projects of Congress, they have also been deferring much needed maintenance and upgrade programs for well over a decade to fund these slush funds of friends. They have been ‘porking’ the funds needed to keep our federal facilities simply running. These are not ‘additional’ spending activities in most cases – these are IOUs from the past.

Earmarks come from some place, and the Federal facility infrastructure is rotting out from within because it too has been a source of pork funds. Buildings are in disrepair and their decor is a flashback to the 1940’s. We have computer systems operating critical infrastructure which belong in museums. They are being held up by maintenance depots that include E-Bay, where a lot of people hunt for aging spare parts. I am not overstating how badly we have let our facilities rot so we could get more pork out the door.

And since the GOP has been porking out for all those years of neglect as the leaders of a greedy Congress, it is not a good idea to throw stones from a fractured and barely standing glass house, like this post does. Don’t go there.

Look, so far we still see a race to the cesspool going on left and right. The GOP can pull itself out of the tail spin, but it has to go back to a broad and moderate coalition. And it has to be serious and stop acting like liberal democrats. Only then can it be in a position to step in when the far left policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid destroy the Dems.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Obama has not even been president for a week, so exactly what are the polls about anyway? Half of them were probably done before he even took the oath.

    But, his stimulus plan is already meeting opposition. A majority think it is too much. There is also opposition to his closing of Gitmo.

    So, I think that as time passes we will get a better idea of where Obama is…but 4 or 5 days tells us nothing.

  2. Terrye says:

    Considering the fact that Republicans are winning more seats in Lousiana than at any time since the Reconstruction, I would say those folks know who was behind the failures during Katrina. The same people who took the money the feds gave them to maintain the levies and blew it. The local thieves, most of them Democratic party officials. That is Huey Long’s legacy.

  3. Terrye says:


    The media used to be journalists, now they are activists. That is the problem.

  4. GuyFawkes says:


    “But, his stimulus plan is already meeting opposition. A majority think it is too much.”

    Not according to this:

    “Asked about the economic-stimulus package, now estimated to cost $850 billion over two years, 43% of people surveyed called it a “good idea,” while 27% said it is a “bad idea.” The rest didn’t have an opinion.


    By a nearly 2-to-1 ratio, people preferred government spending to create jobs over tax cuts to give Americans more money to spend. Large majorities endorsed many details in the plan, with 89% saying they like the idea of creating jobs through increasing production of renewable energy and making public buildings more energy efficient.”

    So, a plurality thinks it’s a good idea, and twice as many people want gov’t spending than tax cuts. How’s it feel to be in the minority, y’all?

    “There is also opposition to his closing of Gitmo.”

    Well, of course there is – nobody expected 100% of the people in this country to support it. Those of you who are somehow convinced that the prisoners in Gitmo are super villians with actual super powers have scared yourself sick over it. Luckily, most of the country doesn’t think that way.

  5. The Macker says:

    You take satisfaction in having the “majority” agree with you. Would you trust them to decide on elective brain surgery for you.

    Being wrong in large numbers is still being wrong.

  6. GuyFawkes says:


    Thank you for posting that – at least now I understand your thinking on this. A point-by-point rebuttal would be boring and fruitless, so let’s just hit a few highlights:

    This report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors lists 11,000 separate shovel-ready projects around the country that could be started in anywhere from 180 days to 6 months. So, your statement that this would be “years out” is simply not true – thousands of jobs could be ready in less than 3 months.

    (Plus, didn’t Secretary Paulson just give $350B to private industries a month or so ago? How’d that work out?)

    “The MSM, almost universally, has repeated the lies that: Saddam wasn’t a threat”

    There was no part of the MSM that said Saddam was a threat, and which justified the war? Well then, what was the whole thing with Judith Miller and the NYT about?

    I find it fascinating that we have such different opinions on the actions of the MSM in the run-up to the war.

    “wasn’t connected to Al Qaeda, didn’t have WMD programs”

    Oh. When did we find the connection to Al Qaeda, and when did we find the WMDs? I haven’t seen those documents.

    “The MSM lied about a Halliburton influence in the administration. There was none.”

    This, for me, is the real killer.

    Really? The former CEO is the most powerful Vice President in history, and you can really type that with a straight face? Halliburton gets $10B in contracts in Iraq – and there is no influence? How can you insist that Obama and Ayers are bestest buddies, and then in the same breath insist that there are no ties between Cheney and Halliburton? How is it possible to hold those two thoughts in your head at the same time?

  7. The Macker says:

    On the Economy,
    If all the local projects are already designed,3 months may be right. If not, add another year for design and planning.

    The Paulson bailouts haven’t worked yet and were to unfreeze credit, not manufacture jobs.

    On Saddam’s threat,




    On Halliburton ,

  8. LJStrata says:

    Lurker said

    Obama called for a “residual” group to stay behind in Iraq, which I take it to be a very small, marginal size, which has no strength of defending themselves at all.

    As a mother of a marine recruit, this frightens me. The Marines will do what they are asked to do and hold the line, but will their President support them?
    Remember the Jack Ryan movie (sorry, didn’t read the book), where the Marines were left to be ambushed in Columbia?
    Thanks for cheering me up.
    McCain was NOT my first choice but I know in my soul that he would have always made the right choice for our country and never put our soldiers or Marines in harms way without support and a plan.
    I’m trying hard to support President Obama but he’s not inspiring me.
    BTW: AJ, your title to this post may not be the best option. We do have to support our President. Name calling is not appropriate.

  9. AJStrata says:

    Yes Dear. How does Mr Obidiot sound?

    I’m trying – but he is making it really, really hard.

  10. crosspatch says:

    A “residual” group will probably mean the US Air Force (until Iraq gets one), US Army logistics, engineering, and trainers but the Marines are probably not long for Iraq and will likely be moved to Afghanistan. I read a report recently from the Marine Commandant that the Marines’ mission in Iraq was about done and he basically is ready to pull them out.

    WASHINGTON (AP)– Iraq is stable enough to allow the roughly 22,000 U.S. Marines there to withdraw, the service’s top general said Friday.

    “The time is right for Marines in general terms to leave Iraq,” said Marine Corps Commandant James Conway.

    That war has become largely a nation-building mission rather than the pitched fighting in which the Marine Corps excels, Conway said.

    Conway said he wants to see up to 20,000 Marines deployed instead to the building fight in Afghanistan, especially in the south where insurgents and the Taliban and al-Qaida benefit from both a nearby safe haven and booming trade in narcotics.

    “When you’ve got those two elements you’ve got the potential for a long-term insurgency,” he said. “That’s where the Marines ought to be. That’s what we offer the nation,” he said.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Iraq is now becoming more of a police matter than a military matter as far as shooting bad guys is concerned. Of 15 casualties in Iraq this month, only 4 have been “hostile”. Iraqi drivers are more of a threat to our forces than “insurgents” are at this point.

  12. KauaiBoy says:

    I would say that the polls point out what flakes the majority of our countrymen and women are. They allow the media version of facts to paint their reality and then believe it when the trolls repeat it ad nauseum. From there they let their principles waffle in the wind based on the opinion du jour.

    My hope is with the military and their oath to uphold the constitution of the USA even if it puts them at odds with the POTUS. Those men and women still have honor and love and respect of America first and foremost. Good order and discipline could have kept the economy in line. Screw world opinion, last I checked everyone is still trying to get in here, even when the “evil” Bush was in power.

    And comparing the current economic situation to what our parents and grandparents went through in the Great Depression is ludicrious and evidence of the government fear that they will have reduced power with reduced tax dollars. So keep the unwashed masses on edge with tales of woe about the housing crisis and 100% unemployment.

  13. KauaiBoy says:

    In case you are still wondering LJ

    Clear and Present Danger (1989)
    The President authorizes the CIA to use American military forces in a covert war against cocaine producers in Colombia. The operation is betrayed. Ryan meets John Clark as they leads a mission to rescue abandoned soldiers. Domingo “Ding” Chavez ( Clark’s protege in later novels) is one of the rescued soldiers. The movie (1994) stars Harrison Ford as Ryan, Willem Dafoe as Clark and Raymond Cruz as Chavez.

    Great movie but like too many of Clancey’s other novels a little too ominous for me!!!