Jun 07 2009

Palin Power Still Very Potent

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Sarah Palin is the probably the best hope for defeating President Obama in 2012. While Obama’s tragic economic missteps are just now beginning to sow the seeds of a voter backlash, Palin is still able to mobilize 20,000 Americans on a sleepy June Saturday in a small town upper New York State. Her speech at the event was classic Palin, and very much about taking on and fixing DC (as opposed to Obama’s promise to change America from DC). Give her full speech a listen if you can today:


Once again we have a conservative centrist espousing that shining city on the hill. Palin draws crowds which rival those of Obama’s. And with the barrier of ‘white guilt’ finally off the political table we can start getting back to Martin Luther King’s dream of measuring our fellow Americans on the content of their character, as well as their ability to make positive change (verses the reckless change wrought by the democrats in DC.

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Update: An interesting and detailed post regarding Sarah Palin worth the read – unless you are a Romney supporter!

Now on to Mitt Romney, who as of right now is Michael’s favorite Republican. Romney has “business experience” from his time at Bain Capital. However, “business experience” rarely translates into governmental success. Romney’s greatest “accomplishment” from his time as the Governor of Massachusetts is RomneyCare. RomneyCare is effectively government mandated health care, which the Wall Street Journal has claimed has caused a crisis in the Bay State.

Ouch. No ‘conservative’ can win if they are associated with government run health care. There are limits on both ends of the spectrum where one cannot gain broad appeal across the silent conservative, centrist majority. Yes, you can go too far right and too far left.

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  1. Frogg says:

    Rush LImbaugh and AJ both like Sarah Palin. Rush calls her a “true conservative” and AJ calls her a “conservative centrist”. Imagine that?

    Anyway, I like Palin as McCain’s running mate; but, wasn’t sure she would ever be my first pick as a Presidential candidate. I’ve been having second thoughts on that over the past few months as Palin has begun to get out there again on her own terms (not constrained by the McCain camp).

    She seems to be the total opposite of Obama, and has been taking him to task. Too bad the media doesn’t give it more coverage. It resonates with me. And, if she keeps it up, she will be the major voice of the Republican party leading up to the 2010 and 2012 elections. If Rush Limbaugh and AJ Strata can both support her……then she also unifies the Republican party.

    Who else does that?

    Another good post:

    Sarah Palin: “Screw the political correctness”

  2. Romney, of course, had to deal with a Massachusetts legislature that was anywhere from 4-to-1 to 7-to-1 Democratic.

    That does warrant a “grading curve” of sorts.