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May 19 2009

No Name McCain And The Shrinking GOP

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The news today on the GOP is not good, nor is it surprising. The GOP is being rejected because it has gone into the tank of self announced moral superiority. I will get back to this at the end of this post. Before that, it is time to get on my soap box again because […]

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Apr 11 2009

Far Right Jumps The Shark – Updated

Update: If the Tea Party movement is being lost to the far right we will have lost a real opportunity to challenge the liberals. Key statment: If this is any indication of who’s trying to run the show, count me out. It’s hard enough being a conservative without this kind of baggage. Make sure to follow […]

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Apr 01 2009

GOP Still Wandering In The Wilderness

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The one national GOP personality to rally record crowds (and who drew the largest TV audience for any national debate for all time) is being marginalized by those who have failed to succeed nationally: Congressional Republicans decided Tuesday to ditch the former GOP vice presidential nominee in favor of the former House speaker for the […]

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Mar 04 2009

Obama Rewards Palin Muckraker

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The Obama administration has rewarded a (their?) political hatchet man in Alaska who kept rumors about Governor Palin abusing her office alive and in the press: Alaska State Sen. Kim Elton, one of the leading officials to pursue an investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin during the heat of the presidential campaign, has taken a high-level […]

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Mar 02 2009

Far Right Makes Obama Look Sane

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I am glad I did not waste my time at CPAC. Last thing I needed was to watch a lot of people in denial make the same mistake that put them in the minority in the first place. While conservatism has a solid core of family values, responsibility, peace through strength, and limited (but efficient) […]

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Feb 26 2009

“Pure” Conservatives Are Shocked Their Worn Out, Rejected Image Not Working

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The old (and tiresome) guard of conservatism is apoplectic that there boy Bobby flamed out so badly with his response to President Obama’s report to Congress Tuesday: Sounds like Ace and I are now Republican personas non grata. As are an awful lot of commenters in last night’s megathread, I might add. … So, where are we? We as conservatives are […]

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Feb 25 2009

Bobby Is No Sarah

From what I hear about the GOP response by Governor Bobby Jindal last night it is clear Bobby is no Sarah. I know lots of my readers are resisting Palin in 2012, but there is an elephant in the room when it comes to who could challenge a bruised and beaten Obama in the next […]

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Jan 29 2009

The Conservative Implosion

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All you need to know about how badly the purity wars crippled the GOP is to look at this graph: The chart shows how the far right was able to run off those nasty moderate RINOs and push them into the Democrat camp. That includes some serious conservatives like the Anchoress, and keeps conservative independents […]

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Dec 21 2008

True Conservatism Is Truly Losing It, And The Nation

The ‘true conservatives’ have not only lost the Congress in 2006, and the Presidency in 2008, they are on a path to losing it all the way. They look at the loss of moderate McCain to (what now seems to be moderate) Obama and make the ridiculous claim that those evil moderates cannot win (while […]

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Dec 06 2008

Huckabee And Palin Tied For Lead In 2012 Race

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I have no desire to start blogging the 2012 elections yet (not even the 2010). But I do find it interesting that two popular and somewhat moderate Governors are topping the GOP list of 2012 presidential contenders: hirty-four percent of Republicans and independent voters who lean towards the GOP say they are very likely to […]

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