Nov 02 2009

Palin’s Entry Into VA Elections

OK, I am a huge Palin fan who is stymied as to what this is all about:

“Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote to share our principles,” the former Alaska governor says in the call, which was provided to CNN by one Democrat who recorded it. “The eyes of America will be on Virginia and make no mistake about it, every vote counts. So don’t take anything for granted, vote your values on Tuesday, and urge your friends and family to vote, too.”

No mention of McDonnell, which is fine. I prefer she endorse the entire swath of GOP candidates who are going to knock out Democrats large and small across the state tomorrow in an undeniable backlash against the DC liberals in Congress and the White House. She surely is not supporting Deeds!

But this race is over, not sure what these calls do other than get the anti-Dem crowd out in vast numbers. Once the damage is tallied in VA it will be crystal clear this was not just an isolated race or one candidate. It is the first warning sign of a tsunami heading for the Democrat Party.

Is Palin trying to associate herself with this movement? I hope so. But everyone must remember this movement will not be co-opted by any one group. This is not the far right rising, this is not the centrists rising, this is not the GOP rising. This is America rising in opposition to liberal democrats – and that is plenty enough.

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7 Responses to “Palin’s Entry Into VA Elections”

  1. crosspatch says:

    AJ, let us know how the results come out in the local elections there. I am interested in not only the executive office of the state but also any local and state legislative races.

    I believe it is time to kick the Democrats out of government at ALL levels, all the way down to the office of dog catcher.

    I have never in my life seen such as corrupt organization as the Democratic Party.

  2. Mike M. says:

    AJ, it’s tactical.

    Gov. Palin is maneuvering to get as much credit as possible from the results of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 elections. Virginia is looking like a one-sided thrashing, and she wants a piece of the action.

    My own assessment of the 2012 Republican field is that the division will not be between conservative and moderate as much as it will be between libertarian-populist and business-friendly statist.

    Palin is the current front-runner of the former group, but Tim Pawlenty is in a fairly good position to challenge her. Which is why Palin will be campaigning hard all over the country…she needs to have everybody owing her a favor so she can take an overwhelming lead fast and go to work on Obama.

    Mitt Romney is the current front-runner of the latter group.

    For the record, I will predict the 2012 ticket will be Palin/Pawlenty.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Mike M,

    I personally hope you are right, and the small ‘L’ libertarian candidate wins.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    I have a problem with “libertarian”. If you go to Wiki, one will find that libertarian has many different definitions. In fact, there are different terms tagged with the word, “libertarian”. Some of the libertarian groups are too extreme for me but other libertarian groups share many ideas with mine.

    I like Larry Elder, for example. I like Ron Paul but only in certain areas but I strongly disagree with him in other areas.

    I am looking at the American Constitutional Party but they believe in protectionism and isolationism (trade, foreign policy), which I disagree.

    If only the GOP would mimic the American Constitutional Party along with free trade and foreign policy.

  5. crosspatch says:


    I consider myself more of a libertarian but I even disagree with some of their stands on some things. There is not a single party that shares all of my views on every issue, and I believe that is as it should be. I should be allowed to have views on some things that are different than a political party and just because I align with a party does not mean that A: I have to share every single one of their platform positions or B: support every initiative that party proposes.

    The Libertarian party (big L) runs lunatics most of the time who I would never vote for. I would love to see a SERIOUS candidate who doesn’t want to make the mining of asteroids his foremost national priority run for office under the Libertarian banner.

  6. Redteam says: libertarian?

    what in God’s name is that?

    It doesn’t matter, as long as there is an electoral college (which will endure thru our lifetime) there will only be 2 parties that will have a chance to win national elections and it won’t be the libertarians.

    lurker, would you give us an idea of the things you like about Ron Paul? is the fact he’s a moron, one of them?

  7. stevevvs says:

    It’s not a centrist rising, it grew out of the Tea Party Movement, which isn’t centrist, and it also isn’t pro GOP either. It’s anti Government, anti spending, pro freedom, pro individual responsibility.