Aug 14 2010

Political Elites Attempt Snubbing The New, All-American Candidates

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What makes a good modern day politician? In my mind it is someone who lies really well on camera. Which is probably why Hollywood and Politics get along so well. Acting, after all, is pretending to be someone you are not in a very convincing manner (special effects don’t hurt).

Politicians and their handlers try every method they can think of not to expose the full picture of the person or their policies, lest the bad side of the coin become exposed. All we are allowed to see is the ‘up side’ of all those grand delusions in DC. That has been the mark of a great politician in the modern age, one who spins vacuous yarns in such a manner that large swaths of voters project their own desires onto the politician, believing he/she is ‘one of them’, ready to vote for the mythical shared cause.

But America is fed up and tired of DC’s grand delusions (or is that self-aggrandizing delusions?). The federal government long ago stopped being of value and has become a loathsome burden. The federal behemoth stopped working for the people a long time ago and now just gorges itself, claiming it’s doing good for the people when it is not. We don’t need DC to take care of us, direct our lives, select our vocations, give us paltry hand outs, tell us how to speak and love and live and die. But that is all DC does now! And they need our money to do this great deed for us.

These self promoting paragons of virtue do not believe we imperfect and fallible creature,s who live out our existences in the anonymity of main street and everyday life, are capable of rising to good and lofty deeds. Without DC we would fall off the good path and hurt ourselves. If we were capable of such things, we would be klieg-light camera moths like the political elite are! It never dawns on these preeners that We The People are happy to focus our efforts on our families and neighbors and coworkers, doing better on a smaller scale than those who destroy their families and lives in pursuit of fame and fortune.

The fantasy being destroyed this election year is the idea that the vultures who inhabit the Political Industrial Complex EVER do something of value and import. At best they recognize those that do. So far the new conventional wisdom emerging this year is that central control of the detailed aspect of our lives from DC is simply a recipe for more disaster from central planning.

And then it dawned on me when I watched this Linda McMahon ad that Jim Geraghty had posted why the Democrats cannot snuff out the Tea Party-like candidates:

The approach the left has taken against the likes of Sharron Angle in NV, Linda McMahon in CT, Rand Paul in KY, and Ken Buck in CO – not to mention Sarah Palin – is to claim that these imperfect average Americans cannot hope to be good politicians. They don’t have the skills to communicate with America with skill of real politicians. They cannot hope to be a real leader in the modern sense of the model political hack.

And I keep wondering how is that a bad thing? President Obama was elected, despite his lack of experience, because he claimed to be an outsider who would represent all us fallible, average Americans. He turned out to be a politician instead, and a far left one at that. But the nation is still looking for those outsiders to go to DC and start dismantling it. The need did not die with dream of The One.

The reality is that these upstart, unknown candidates represent the nation’s antibodies reacting to the cancer that is the modern Political Industrial Complex. Even Alvin Greene in SC (the come-from-literally-nowhere Senate candidate for the Dems) is one of those antibodies being released by the voters to reign in government. He is a uniquely and fatally flawed, but he still represents a new force in America’s hinterlands (which is everything outside DC, NY, LA and San Francisco). The battle between the people and the bureaucracy is now coming to a head. Too bad for the bureaucracy they need our money and our support to exist, but the bureaucracy will attempt to resist the will of the people.

The more the Political Industrial Complex laments how these new faces are not one of them, the more support those new faces will garner. The more these new faces are snubbed and looked down on by the political class, the more the nation looks up to them. It’s a vicious circle, if you believe in the magical big government and its super human powers of good.

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  1. Frogg1 says:

    You are so right! The DNC attack on McMahon started one hour after she was elected where they came out with this statement:

    “Today the party of Bob Dole, Jack Kemp and Richard Lugar nominated a candidate who kicks men in the crotch, thinks of scenes of necrophilia as ‘entertainment,’ and runs an operation where women are forced to bark like dogs. This is what has become of the once grand old party,” said Hari Sevugan, national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee.

    It is as if the DNC actually thinks people don’t know the difference between “acting out” in a show (WWE) and reality.

    But, check this out:

    Dems Might Want to Re-Think Criticizing Linda McMahon’s WWE Connection

    It seems Dems have “acted out” to advertise themselves on the WWE, themselves. Don’t they look silly now?

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  3. “oh yeah!” The perfect complement to “You Betcha!”

  4. From “the bottom line”

    And, do not excuse yourself with George Wallace’s 1968 assertion that, of the two parties, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them!”

    There truly is a difference; the type of arrogant snots who feel they must control every aspect of our lives (because we’re too damned stupid to do so ourselves) seem to infest the Democratic party far more than they do the Republican party.

    That difference is worth preserving, worth fighting for. Always!

    But especially during the Nov 2010 elections.

    I believe, to the bottom of my soul, that difference stated above to be fundamental and feel that it is present in the Tea Party movement and in the candidates they support.

    My greatest fear of the political elites you mention is that they will do (and apparently are doing) their level best to erase that difference; as if they’re ashamed of it.

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  6. crosspatch says:

    It has been an interesting summer this year in that for some reason the need to rant against these left wing jackasses just doesn’t seem to be boiling inside me. Maybe the reason is that they have already been written off. I know exactly how I am going to vote in November. More of my friends are expressing the same sentiment. We have made our minds up already.

    Once you have already decided to fire someone, there is no sense ranting and raving about their antics. At that point it is just a matter of time. You are just waiting for HR to call the person in.

    Maybe that is how I feel about this crop of idiots in Washington. I believe we have already decided to fire them and are just waiting for election day to pull the lever (almost said trigger). They keep doing dumber and dumber stuff with every passing week. There is nothing we can do to stop them today so what is the point? They’re gone, and I believe they know they are gone.

    The ranting here is pretty much preaching to the choir. We are validating the conclusions we have already come to.

    Maybe there is something else we can do. We need to raise awareness of people within the Democrats’ own “affinity groups” who are rebelling against their liberal agenda. We need to point out how liberal policies act to enslave the black community, destroy their families and communities and keep them dependent on government programs.

    Like this guy and the movie he is making.

    We need to explain to the Hispanic community that while the liberals might want to give them amnesty in order to buy their vote, liberal policies will prevent their children, if they become successful, prevent the transfer of their wealth to their children. Bilingual everything keeps them segregated from the mainstream society. Programs will keep them dependent and they will find themselves in ghettos of other Hispanics with all these “rights” but unable to ever pull themselves out of their situation as the government then works to destroy their communities and families, too.

    In its goal to eliminate the adversities of life, government is destroying the ties that bind us because one of the things that builds family and community fabric is getting each other through those adversities. We will never have to take care of our aged because the government will do it. Don’t want that baby, no problem, government will see that you get an abortion. Down on your luck and can’t find a job? No problem, government will send you a check. You don’t need to look out for your neighbors, government will do it. So an old couple freezes to death in the winter and the neighbors whine about why the government let that happen … but where were they? Why weren’t the neighbors checking on them? Because government takes that away from us over generations.

    In order for “through thick and thin” to have any meaning, there needs to be “thin” times. We need to know we can rely on each other, real people with real faces who we talk to … not some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in a government agency.

    We need to explain how organizations like La Raza actually KEEP the Hispanic population segregated from the mainstream and in an Orwellian play on people’s emotions, help them to death by making them actually WANT to be separate.

    Until members of those communities start realizing this on their own and speaking out to their own people, I don’t know what we can do because a knee-jerk reaction is to simply call racism when a white person says it.

    But I believe we are reaching that point.

  7. kathie says:

    I find it very interesting that the DNC chairman thinks that Colorado was a big win for Obama.

    Jane Norton, received nearly 14,000 more votes than did the winner on the Democratic side, Sen. Michael Bennet. And she lost to Ken Buck who came out of no where, Erie, Colorado, a little town east of Boulder. If that is a win for Obama he is in REALLY big trouble.

    Obama is toxic, health care is toxic, the Mosque is toxic. Now Republicans need to figure out a way to give green cards to immigrants, so we have workers who can come and go. Citizenship is separated from being able to work here. If migrants want the jobs Americans won’t do, fine, but that does not entitle them to become citizens. Citizenship is another process all together. Let’s find a way to separate the two ways of being in America.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Yes, hispanics definitely need to be warned that they could become the democrats next victims of fatherless homes, extremely poor educations, victim/entitlement/dependent culture, stuck in poverty while the democrats rake in the dough.

  9. crosspatch says:

    Colorado will be a big win because that idiot Tancredo will prevent the Republicans from winning the governor seat.

  10. archtop says:

    Re: Linda McMahon

    She is self funding her campaign, and I am quite sure she is ready for the WWE criticisms. Blumenthal will be in for quite a fight – his lies about his military service were just the beginning…expect some real fireworks in this race!

  11. smill1953 says:

    “…The approach the left has taken against the likes of Sharron Angle in AZ, …”

    I think you mean NV.

  12. Wilbur Post says:

    I have never despised a political party in my life as I now despise the Democraps. The more they trash a candidate, the more I want to vote for them. To me, if the Democommies hate somebody, that’s a feature.

  13. AJStrata says:

    smil – thanks!

  14. crosspatch says:

    “I have never despised a political party in my life as I now despise the Democraps. ”

    Did you see the list of over 70 Democrats that the American Socialist Party claims as theirs?

    I don’t see how the average everyday person on Main Street can look themselves in the mirror if they call themselves democrats. It might be nostalgia for a Democrat party long gone.

  15. penguin2 says:

    Great post, AJ. The elitist Dems refuse to understand the American people. There arrogance and ignorance should be their downfall, but our side too, has to stop being elitist toward the people.

  16. WWS says:

    Watch Australia – election in a week.

    Australia’s left wing (Labour) govm’t is about to fall.

    And it started with their attempt to push a massive Cap and Tax bill through.