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Oct 12 2013

What Can We Learn From Shutown Theater & Obamacare’s Failed Debut?

One thing to take away from the last two weeks is how right the GOP was to warn the country of the pending doom to our Health Care System from the evolving ObamaCare  debacle. They were so right to try and stop what Obama is doing to individuals and families across this country. So right. […]

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Oct 10 2013

Prayer Is Your Ticket To Barrycaded Monuments, Cemeteries

I wrote this post  days ago, and then hesitated because I did not want to give anyone bad advice and they pay a price with law enforcement. Please note: I am not telling anyone this is risk free or to even attempt it, but recent evnts in DC confirm some of my suspicions: In downtown […]

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Oct 09 2013

Obama Kicks Sand In Children’s Faces

Good lord, is the Obama administration even still sane? How do you explain closing down a children’s event on an open beach? It was announced today that an annual sandcastle contest on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has been cancelled out of sheer malice by the Obama administration, despite the fact that the beach on which […]

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Oct 09 2013

GOP Response To Shutdown Bland, Whimpy, Defensive

Now I understand why the GOP continues to poll worse than the Dems in regard to the Shutdown Theater. They have no fire in their political efforts. A GOP ad has been released and it underscores this problem: The ad is boringly factual, focused on House GOP CYA (we passed bills to fund the government) […]

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Oct 07 2013

Where Is The GOP PR Machine?

Major Update: When exposed to the public, the Barrycades come crashing down like some form of “evil from the night“: After being taken down, officially because of the government shutdown, the federal website dealing with alerts about abducted children – AmberAlert.gov – was restored Monday morning. … It was not clear as to why it […]

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Oct 06 2013

Taking Back Our Country, One Monument At A Time!

This is America, taking down the Barrycades!  

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Oct 05 2013

Illegal Seizures And Blockades By Obama Destroying Private Companies & Jobs

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Another Major Update: Please recall spending during this partial government shutdown IS allowed (and required) to ensure human safety. Therefore no decision to stop services can inflict pain, suffering or danger (like the NPS decision not to pick up trash). Well there are now plenty of examples of where spending should have been maintained and […]

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Oct 04 2013

Cold Hearted Dems Relying On GOP Campassion For Americans To Win Shutdown

You have to wonder how cold the Democrats are when it comes to the “huddled masses”. Especially when you see crap like this: Senior admin official admits: We’re winning so it doesn’t matter to us when the shutdown ends The reality is clear to everyone, but no good can come from formal acknowledgment. Says Sam […]

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Oct 04 2013

Blame All Around For Shutdown Theater!

Well, looks like the Democrats are NOT escaping the wrath of the voters after all! Americans disapprove of how both sides are handling the budget negotiations, but more disapprove of congressional Republicans (72 percent) than President Obama and the Democrats in Congress (61 percent). Much of the GOP disapproval includes their own supporters – which […]

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Oct 04 2013

BarryCade Smoking Gun

As I suspected, the oppressive Barrycading of America by His Petulancy, Barry I has begun to unravel as those directed to carry out these unconstitutional orders start to expose the crimes being committed. Here is one example of the NPS shuttering private businesses AND forcing them to pay for the BarryCades! Mr. Meyer emails to […]

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