Oct 09 2013

Obama Kicks Sand In Children’s Faces

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Good lord, is the Obama administration even still sane? How do you explain closing down a children’s event on an open beach?

It was announced today that an annual sandcastle contest on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has been cancelled out of sheer malice by the Obama administration, despite the fact that the beach on which it is held — part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area — normally has no lifeguards, no rangers, is permanently open to the public, and requires no funds for day-to-day operations:

A popular youth sandcastle contest on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is the latest local victim of the federal government shutdown, event organizers said today.

The Leap 30th Anniversary Sandcastle Contest was planned for Saturday, but the continued standoff in Congress over the federal budget is causing organizers to postpone the event until a later date.

Thousands of people were expected to attend the free event, with more than 20 local schools participating. Leap, a local arts advocacy nonprofit, has held the contest for the past three decades.

I mean really, what heartless Scrooge decided this was good Shutdown Theater? Like I said before, will anyone ever allow another Democrat anywhere near the reigns of power after this disgusting show?

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One Response to “Obama Kicks Sand In Children’s Faces”

  1. WWS says:

    This is actually pretty ironic – this is one of the most hard core, liberal democrat cities in the country, which probably voted 90% + for Obama in both elections. Does he think this kind of thing is going to make the people there love him even more, or does he just think that even his supporters have to be constantly reminded as to who their True Lord and Master is?

    Obama is like a mean drunk who comes home and beats his kids just because he’s mad and they’re easy. There’s nothing more to the so-called “morality” of this Regime than this.

    I never thought I would know what it felt like to live under a fascist dictator. Well, now I do.