Oct 04 2013

Cold Hearted Dems Relying On GOP Campassion For Americans To Win Shutdown

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You have to wonder how cold the Democrats are when it comes to the “huddled masses”.

Especially when you see crap like this:

Senior admin official admits: We’re winning so it doesn’t matter to us when the shutdown ends

The reality is clear to everyone, but no good can come from formal acknowledgment.

Says Sam Stein of HuffPo, “Obviously, polling data would support this contention and certainly, from the conversations I’ve had with senior administration officials, the White House feels that it has the upper hand. But to say you don’t care how long the shutdown lasts is to suggest that the impact it’s having throughout the country isn’t factoring into your strategic thinking.”

Why, yes. It does suggest that, doesn’t it?

Terry Holt, a longtime Republican strategist, said Mr. Obama’s strategy rests on a cold-eyed calculation that Republicans are the ones with the most to lose. “As long as the president thinks his poll numbers are going to be good, I don’t expect the government to reopen,” he said.

See, the GOP might fold because they are sick of seeing the carnage, but they won’t because they are worried about polls (that damage is done, and if that was the case they would not have gone this far). All this makes ‘cold-eye’ Obama really happy – because he could give a sh*t about the personal carnage!

He does not care if kids are Barrycaded from the playgrounds – they are winning you see!

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One Response to “Cold Hearted Dems Relying On GOP Campassion For Americans To Win Shutdown”

  1. Redteam says:

    It’s clear, and well known, that Obama is not a veteran. No veteran president would block, for no reason, Veteran Memorials and Military cemeteries. Can you imagine making a once in a lifetime trip to France to visit your father’s grave at Normandy, only to find that the US president had personally ordered the cemetery closed when it is never normally closed for any reason. Pettiness and vindictiveness can be the only reason, to score a political victory.