Oct 05 2013

Illegal Seizures And Blockades By Obama Destroying Private Companies & Jobs

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Another Major Update: Please recall spending during this partial government shutdown IS allowed (and required) to ensure human safety. Therefore no decision to stop services can inflict pain, suffering or danger (like the NPS decision not to pick up trash). Well there are now plenty of examples of where spending should have been maintained and was not – obviously to create suffering and left wing political theater:

Kids with cancer: 30 children who were supposed to be admitted for cancer treatment at the National Institute of Health’s clinical center were put on hold, along with 170 adults.

Head Start kids: When a new grant didn’t come in, Bridgeport, Connecticut, closed 13 Head Start facilities serving 1,000 kids. Calhoun County, Alabama, shut down its Head Start program, which serves 800 kids. Some were relocated to a local church.

Pregnant women: Several states had promised to pick up the tab if the US Department of Agriculture stopped funding the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)—but not Arkansas, where 85,000 meals will no longer be provided to low income women and their children.

Babies: 2,000 newborn babies won’t receive baby formula in Arkansas, due to those WIC cuts.

Withholding baby formula? Are these Obama-bots insane? If these are true (and I doubt they are since the article claims the GOP stopped the funding, which it did not) then someone needs to be investigated. You cannot withhold critical services – end. of. story.

Now also recall the US borrows almost half the money it spends each and every year – so operating on credit like this is not new or shocking. The government cannot cover half its spending every day of the year. So obviously these Obama administration decisions on where to draw the line in spending under the “shutdown” (and it is all in the administration to make those decisions for the 80% of the government still operating) is the responsibility of the administration. Not the GOP.

BTW, Here is a very damning article on how team Obama has screwed up with their Shutdown Theater:

Then again, ridiculous is perhaps too generous a word. Closing the monuments, especially the World War II Memorial, can be reduced, fittingly, to a single syllable: Dumb.

Can there be an image more inspiring than members of this venerable club, whose living roll declines each day by about 640, pushing their way through flimsy, useless, pointless barriers to roam among pillars erected to their heroism? What was Washington thinking?

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

President Barack Obama, whose grandfather was a World War II veteran, might have known better. We may have to close down the government, he could have said, but don’t touch the monuments.

Instead, the Office of Management and Budget ordered the barricades.

That’ll show ’em.

Major Update: This just in, His Petulantcy, Barry I, has decided who won’t be stopping the rise of the oceans, instead he is closing the ocean due to the shutdown:

Just before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was “closed” due to the shutdown. Until government funding is restored, the fishing boats are prohibited from taking anglers into 1,100 square-miles of open ocean. Fishing is also prohibited at Biscayne National Park during the shutdown.

The Park Service will also have rangers on duty to police the ban. Of access to an ocean. The government will probably use more personnel and spend more resources to attempt to close the ocean, than it would in its normal course of business.

This is governing by temper-tantrum.

Yeah, this is political genius through and through!  – end update

We all knew Obama was not the most experienced person to lead a nation like America. But his character flaws seems to expand day-by-day as he falls into Imperial Petulance with the shutdown, over stepping his legal bounds time after time.

The Barry-cading of the open air, public monuments on The Mall in DC is not required by the shutdown, and is in fact an illegal expenditure of tax payer money during this time. It is a pathetic political stunt.

There is no budget line item or law to allow Obama to commandeer play grounds, spending taxpayer money to Barry-cade and guard Tot Lots from toddlers [image from Washington Post Article, click image for link]:

This is not legal expenditure under the rules of a government partial shutdown.

Nor is it legal to commandeer the graves of our nation’s fallen heroes, and Barry-cade them from friends, families and others wishing to honor their sacrifices.

Who appointed Obama owner of these national treasures? Just because the government is not fully funded DOES NOT mean Obama gets to close public lands and wall them off from the people who paid for them in the first place! His Petulantcy, Obama I, needs to realize he his a temporary hire, to do a job for We The People. He cannot restrict our God given human rights.

Freedom of religion includes being able to pray at grave sites – obviously! And you do not have to be a blood relative to pray at a grave site. President Obama, in ordering the closure of cemeteries, has violated the constitutional rights of hundreds, if not thousands.

The Obama administration is even threatening priests who plan to serve our military personnel on Sunday:

In a stunning development, some military priests are facing arrest if they celebrate mass or practice their faith on military bases during the federal government shutdown.

Really? This is our government’s role in society – punish those trying to worship their God?

If stealing playgrounds from children, Barrycading the hollowed ground of our heroes from prayer and threatening priests is not enough, Barry I has developed a whole new plan for jobs in America:

Destroy them!

The City Tavern located in Old City Philadelphia was the favorite meeting place of many of our Founding Fathers. Today, it employs 100 cooks, wait staff and hosts that provide a unique experience of 18th Century America to thousands of clientele every week. The restaurant is privately owned and operates completely on its own profits … The City Tavern remained open through previous government shutdowns so restaurant public relations director Molly Yun was caught off guard on Thursday:  “We were somewhat shocked when we received the news today that we would have to close at 3 p.m.” Many people are now out of work and the Federal Government loses a source of income which it desperately needs.

Destroy them!

Bruce O’Connell knew what would happen with the government shutdown. As the owner of an inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, he received a notice about the shutdown procedures that would occur last week — and he’s been through it before.

This time though, he has rangers barring cars from entering his parking lot.

…he decided to reopen again today at 11:30 a.m.

“Guests started streaming in,” he said.

But by 12:30 p.m. a ranger was on the scene, red lights flashing, blocking the Pisgah Inn’s parking lot and turning people away.

Note that the main road is open – even though it is a federal highway.  This action is against a business OFF THE ROAD who is staying open and believes the landlord (Obama’s NPS) has not legal right to shutdown his business. And he is right. Which means we tax payers will have to pay the penalties Obama is incurring.

Destroy them!

Today, he sent a letter to both of his senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, asking for help to keep his parks open.

“My company, based in North Phoenix, operates nearly over 100 US Forest Service campgrounds and day use areas under concession contract. Yesterday, as in all past government shutdowns, the Department of Agriculture and US Forest Service confirmed we would stay open during the government shutdown. This makes total sense, since our operations are self-sufficient (we are fully funded by user fees at the gate), we get no federal funds, we employ no government workers on these sites, and we actually pay rent into the Treasury.”

However, today, we have been told by senior member of the US Forest Service and Department of Agriculture that people “above the department”, which I presume means the White House, plan to order the Forest Service to needlessly and illegally close all private operations. I can only assume their intention is to artificially increase the cost of the shutdown as some sort of political ploy.

Destroy them!

We are critical of the National Park Service because we think they have closed us down illegally according to the terms of the agreement we signed with them in 1981. The agreement states that we will operate the Farm and open it to the public and the only thing they will provide is police protection if needed. Many years ago, we decided that calling the Fairfax County Police if needed (they have joint jurisdiction) worked better for our situation. And because of our proximity to the Central Intelligence Agency, we have probably the best security on earth. The CIA has also treated us with great decency and respect and we value them highly as our neighbors.

The reason that it is so important that we remain open is because of the income we receive from Pavilion rentals, admissions, sales and program fees. We have had to cancel every event at the Farm this week so we have already lost more than $15,000 in operating income because October is the busiest month of the year for us. When the Federal government reopens, as it inevitably will, they will be funded by all of us. The Farm may never reopen again if we cannot open soon because we don’t have any other source of revenue except that which we earn for ourselves.

There are even more stories than these, now coming out across this country. Including admissions by the National Park Service they have been ordered to make life as miserable as possible for people!

How does that jive with the oath of office these people took? Is Obama protecting our constitutional rights or trampling them?

To my eyes the answer is clear.

I watched Special Report on Fox News last night and was dumbfounded to see the entire panel surrender the shutdown to Obama. Needless to say I won’t be tuning into that show again.

It is ludicrous to be four days in to a political stand off and surrender like this. Besides, Obama is not winning. He is giving the GOP in the House endless – needed – investigations into how these clearly illegal acts by our government happened, and who is going to jail for them.

Gallup has the truth of the political situation (Obama down to 41% and dropping), and everyone in DC is losing political capitol. But only one side is standing on the side of right – and that is not the Dems and their out of control President. The GOP will in the end come out ahead – if for nothing else to investigate and undo Obama’s actions.

Does anyone think this nation will allow another Democrat anywhere NEAR the White House after these acts? I think not.

BTW: Loved this picture I saw on twitter capturing the essence of the Greatest Generation – then and now:

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    This President will do anything he wants. I feel like I’m living in a third world country!

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