Oct 04 2013

Blame All Around For Shutdown Theater!

Well, looks like the Democrats are NOT escaping the wrath of the voters after all!

Americans disapprove of how both sides are handling the budget negotiations, but more disapprove of congressional Republicans (72 percent) than President Obama and the Democrats in Congress (61 percent).

Much of the GOP disapproval includes their own supporters – which will NOT effect how they vote next year. But when 60+ percent of the country dislikes your Shutdown and your BarryCades, that is a lose-lose position.

The GOP has another edge – the second midterm blues. This fiasco is driven by Dem obsession with Tea Partiers and having to compromise. It has the left maniacally stubborn. Their anger is obvious – which means they are reacting emotionally. They know they go into 2014 handicapped even in the best of times. Second term midterm elections always pound the party in the White House. Always!

The people will realize DC leadership (which is Democrats) will be given the biggest blame for falling into this mess in the first place. NOTHING is so Holy it has to come to thisĀ  – even Obamacare.

GOP needs to win something out of all this. They paid the price, now make sure you get something worthwhile the cost.

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