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Nov 26 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving America! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

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Nov 26 2009

Another AGW Smoking Gun

The global warming crowd has been caught again deleting contradictory temperature data that would call into question the entire premise of the global warming hypothesis (and I am being kind still calling it a hypothesis as to a failed theory). Steve McIntyre has discovered the missing data which shows current temperatures are not any different […]

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Nov 26 2009

Faked AGW Smoking Guns Everywhere

As I suspected when this story broke, the minor problem for the AGW alarmists was dealing with the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods. The big headache was the warm period prior to 1960, which we can see in the CRU data was equal to or higher than today. This warm period in the first half […]

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Nov 26 2009

Where Does Global Warming Actually Come From?

The reason I ask where does global warming come from is not because I would be surprised or concerned to find the planet is still warming up from the Little Ice Age (which ended around 1850), but because if you look at the raw data there is no warming. Andrew Bolt in Australia has a […]

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