Nov 26 2009

Another AGW Smoking Gun

The global warming crowd has been caught again deleting contradictory temperature data that would call into question the entire premise of the global warming hypothesis (and I am being kind still calling it a hypothesis as to a failed theory). Steve McIntyre has discovered the missing data which shows current temperatures are not any different from the first half of the last century:

Note how we are simply in one of many normal oscillations, not heading toward runaway warming. And this is CRU/NCDC data which has been suppressed to con the average person into thinking there is a global emergency. It appears to have been warmer from 1900-1940 than now – which is consistent with most every other set of data not corrupted by the AGW alarmists.

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  2. […] People have found actual CRU code that does this, and it does it by smearing good temp data with inaccurate proxy data (in this case the tree rings) or hard coded adjustments.  The second method used by alarmists is to just drop those inconvenient current temps showing global cooling, which has also been clearly discovered in the CRU data dump. […]