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Nov 09 2009

Fort Hood: Portrait Of An American Hero, A Traitor & Possible Bureaucratic Incompetence

Updates Below! I have holding off on posting on the Fort Hood Massacre by an Islamist Terrorist because I wanted to make sure I was on working with some reasonably stable information. First off, anyone who targets Muslims i general over this incident are not only dumb, they are doing al Qaeda’s wishes by building […]

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Nov 09 2009

2010: Rise Of The Centrist Independents

Some good recaps out today on what happened Tuesday and what will likely happen next November. First a good recap from Stuart Rothenberg: What were some of the mistakes and mischaracterizations during the campaigns and after the voting? One of the worst, I thought, was the widespread characterization of Dede Scozzafava, the Republican nominee in […]

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Nov 09 2009

Support Our Veterans

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Powerline has a charity drive going we should all support. I’m delighted to be collaborating with Joe Trippi, one of my favorite liberals, on a bipartisan project to support America’s veterans. The project is called the Eleven Eleven campaign; the objective is to get 11 million Americans to contribute $11 apiece to support America’s vets. […]

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