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Nov 29 2009

CRU’s Jones Supposedly Lost Data Used In 2008

One other aspect of the data I was analyzing in the long post below is the fact it uses a CRU generated comparison of a 2008 temp run (b) with a 2005 run – all captured in a pdf file made in July of this year. One has to wonder how CRU was able to […]

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Nov 29 2009

CRU Raw Temp Data Shows No Significant Warming Over Most Of The World

Bottom Line – Using two back-of-the-envelope tests for significance against the CRU global temperature data I have discovered: 75% of the globe has not seen significant peak warming or cooling changes between the period prior to 1960 and the 2000’s (significance being a rise above 0.5°C threshold, which is well within the CRU’s own stated […]

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