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Oct 28 2009

Centrists Now Control Future Of Obamacare

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As I noted when Sen Snowe allowed the health care bill in the Senate Finance Committee to pass the centrists now control the path of the health care debate, and they are rising up in opposition to government rationed health care (a.k.a., the “public option”). And not just any centrists but one who makes liberals […]

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Oct 28 2009

Armageddon Delayed Half A Century

After 30 years of failed predictions of pending doom from Global Warming, the alarmists have once more adjusted their unproven hypotheses as to when we will be experiencing natural disasters (which strangely have occurred many times in Earth’s history without human produced CO2). This time, to ensure there is no chance nature can prove them […]

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Oct 28 2009

GOP Crush In VA, Dems Way Off Track

This fall’s elections in VA, NJ and NY-23 are turning out to be really bad for the Democrats. In NJ and NY-23 there are two candidates opposing the Democrats, yet the combined anti-Democrat vote is not in doubt. And it is not pretty. This is not a surprising response from the nation’s electorate given the liberal […]

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