Oct 28 2009

Armageddon Delayed Half A Century

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After 30 years of failed predictions of pending doom from Global Warming, the alarmists have once more adjusted their unproven hypotheses as to when we will be experiencing natural disasters (which strangely have occurred many times in Earth’s history without human produced CO2).

This time, to ensure there is no chance nature can prove them wrong again, they have delayed the scheduled arrival of Armageddon by a half century – so as to not have to face another round of failed predictions from bogus climate models:

Modelling of Arctic sea ice by the Met Office Hadley Centre climate model shows that ice invariably recovers from extreme events, and that the long-term trend of reduction is robust — with the first ice-free summer expected to occur between 2060 and 2080. It is unlikely that the Arctic will experience ice-free summers by 2020.

It is also unlikely these so called scientists have a clue what they are talking about. At least we have evidence of that in hand. In fact, they note themselves how clueless they are:

Analysis of the 2007 summer sea-ice minimum has subsequently shown that this was due, in part, to unusual weather patterns. Arctic weather systems are highly variable year-on-year and the prevailing winds can enhance, or oppose, the southward flow of ice into the Atlantic. Consequently, the sea ice has not declined every year, but has shown considerable variability — both in extent and thickness.

The high variability has made it difficult to attribute the observed trend to man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, although there is now enough data to detect a human signal in the 30-year trend.

There is no human signal in the last 30 years of data. In the last 30 years of data the Earth MAY have only warmed 0.3° C – a value too precise to measure with any confidence (more on that in a later post). The graph below is the global climate data produced by the NCDC, and it shows no massive increase in temperature:

The low tail coming into the period is an artifact of cutting the data off from the longer series. The data is running between 0.2-0.5°C, which is not significant.

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