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Oct 02 2009

Obamanomics An Abomination

Well, here we are a little over 7 months since the faux liberal stimulus bill went into effect (2/17/09) and there has been absolutely no job stimulus. The latest unemployment numbers are out and we still see ever increasing unemployment (U3: now at a 26 year high) and underemployment (U6: reaching a staggering 17%). The […]

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Oct 02 2009

O-Bomba’s Olympic Failure

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I have been quietly rooting for Rio to get the 2016 Olympics since North America has hosted a lot of Olympiads and South America none. So the breaking news that O-Bomba bombed out in the first round is fine with me. But the fact that our distracted President has wasted time wooing the international community […]

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Oct 02 2009

The Sordid Story Of A Global (Warming) Con

It seems that, once you use the broadest set of data available to assess whether the recent warming in the last century is of any consequence, the data shows we are no warmer now than the Earth was in Medieval times. In fact, in order to raise the alarm of global warming in the 20th […]

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