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Oct 19 2009

Team Obama Losing The Fox Wars

One thing Americans universally despise is the Political Industrial Complex – those knattering know-it-alls who are the politicians, lobbyists and their media cronies who think God placed them on this Earth to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. We are fed up with these arrogant know-nothings. We are fed up with […]

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Oct 19 2009

War On Terror Could Be In Final Stages

I stand by General McCrystal and his request for more troops, even though that likely means our son will go to Afghanistan as part of any surge. Depending on the timing of these new forces, though, the war on terror could be wrapping up sooner rather than later. The US and Pakistan have been tightening […]

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Oct 19 2009

Liberal’s Stimulus Plan An Abysmal Failure

Major Update Below Remember the rush last February to get a stimulus package through Congress so the Democrats could turn the economy around and start creating jobs? Remember almost 8 months ago, when it passed, all the hype and promises spewed by the Democrats? Here we sit 8 months later, with unemployment and underemployment creeping […]

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