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Sep 22 2009

When Do We Use Water Boarding On Najibullah Zazi?

Major Update 8:15 AM, 9/23/09: Damn, I was hoping I might not be right on the multiple, independent cell strategy I outlines below, and why it will take time to actually stop all the attackers. But some news out today confirms my fears: The investigation indicated that three distinct teams of men may have been […]

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Sep 22 2009

Obamacare Rightly Scares Seniors

Medicare Advantage is the only thing in Medicare working well, because it is a private-government partnership that allows seniors with the means to enhance their coverage over the paltry basic Medicare program – which keeps cheating on its bill by under paying for services rendered (making all of us pay more in treatment costs and […]

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Sep 22 2009

This Could Be The End Of The Obama Presidency (And The Democrats)

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The war in Afghanistan was seen by most in this country as the legitimate war. The war in Iraq, which far fewer supported through to its successful end, was considered Bush’s war (it was mine too, and everyone who supported it and voted for it – war’s are not things you change your mind over). […]

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Sep 22 2009

Mr President, Please Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

Health care reform is going to cost a boat load. The numbers keep coming out and it is stunning how much it apparently will cost to insure the uninsured. Of course that is because the government take over of health care will required 5o+ news government organizations and tens of thousands of bureaucrats and – […]

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